Our Primeminister - Clerihew

Our prime minister, Mr. Singh,

Really hard to his chair does cling.

He really doth deserve a large medallion

For his loyalty staunch,to the Italian.

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Written for Lots of Laughter for the prompt -clerihew. To know more about clerihews, check out this site.


Nanka said...

LOL!! that was related to the public affairs here!!

But anyone put on that hot seat does something to receive that medallion!! ;)

Possibly in any other country too....they are all the same!! :D


vhjamdar said...

funny indeed :)

The Fool said...

Your right, nanka. All politicians are just the same. I have a theory that democracy procuces these kind of people. When I started this blog, I meant to discuss these kind of pet theories. But after a while, lost interest in that kind of serious stuff and moved on to more subtle stuff such as short stories and now poetry.

The Fool said...

Thanks, vjhamdar. Glad you found it funny. I was fearful it was becoming stairical instead of funny.

Rachel Hoyt said...

Wow! You just gave me a laugh AND taught me some current politics. Well done! :)

My LOL Clerihew: Saturday AM TV

The Fool said...

Thanks, Rachel.

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