New Blog on Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historic Fiction

Many of the regular readers on my blog would by now be aware of my passion for science fiction and fantasy. I have reviewed quite a few books in this genre and have attempted my own short stories in these genres. Now I have taken the next step in pursuit of my passion and started a blog focusing exclusively on these genres. Through my new blog I hope to spread around the passion for these genres that are not so popular in India and get more people into the fold.

The current blog will continue and it will have all other miscellaneous things as it always has. So that way I have one niche blog with focus and one generic blog for everything else under the sun.

My new Blog can be found here : Three Realms of the Mind

This is the link to the first post introducing my blog and its name: Three Realms of the Mind: Introduction

In my new blog, I propose to post series of post on different topics following a weekly routine. The first such series will be on Science Fiction Novel Series. I would be putting up a post every Tuesday. To start with, I will post weekly. Maybe after the blog has stabilized a bit, I may start posting twice a week. Only thing is once I have started the routine I want to stick to it, which is one of the reasons I am opting for a slow start.

The kick off the Science Fiction Novel Series Posts: Science Fiction Novel Series

And this is the first post in the series : The Dune Series

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