"An idle mind is a devil's workshop." But then isn't enjoying leisure the essence of being human? Have you ever heard of a dog or a cow enjoying a story or laughing at a joke?
I believe in the current age, life has become too hectic and mechanical. Any idle time we get is like an oasis in the journey through the dreary desert of day to day life. Lucifer's (another name used for devil) workshop employs a work force of one - 'The Fool', who speaks his mind without fear or favor. He churns out fiction, poetry, satire and other literary art works for your reading pleasure during your idle time.

Find below the catalog of our wares with product descriptions and current stock availability. We at Lucifer House Inc. believe any true work of art is priceless. So we don't charge anything for our wares. However, if you particularly enjoyed any work here, 'The Fool' would appreciate a kind word of appreciation.

At the end of the hard day's toil, when the sun has set and the lights are down, wouldn't you like to sit around a fire with your fellows and share a few yarns? Or at least recline on your comfortable bed with a bed time story! I have enjoyed all kinds of tales from my childhood, starting with my grandfather's stories and moving on to comics, novels, television serials, movies and cartoons. Having listened to stories, now I attempt to tell my own. Click here to check out my stories. You will find humor, fantasy, sadness, humanism and maybe even some fool's wisdom.

Words, words, words! Powerful though they are words are inadequate to measure the width and depth of human emotions and feelings. But if at all there were a means of representing emotions and feelings through words, poetry comes closest to doing it. I have dabbled in verse a bit in my school days making funny rhymes to entertain my friends. Recently I discovered the power of this medium and whenever I have had thoughts loaded with powerful feelings, I have attempted to capture them through poetry. My poetry can vary from frivolous to happy to philosophical to outright tragic. Click here to sample some of my poetry.

Art lies in appreciation of art as much as its creation. This is my humble attempt to pay tribute to other great works of literary art – conventional ones like books and movies, more unconventional ones like other blogs, television serials, comics, cartoons and computer games. As they say ‘Judge not others lest you be judged’. So I am no one to judge anyone else’s art. But I attempt to express the effect the art had me on and give my thoughts on how I might have done it differently as a fellow artist. In the process I also add to my art. Click here to check out my reviews.

As the cliché goes reality is stranger than fiction. This is the real thing, the real experiences in life. It is to share these that very concept of blogs originated and it is something that really fascinates one and all. So this is the journal part of my blogs capturing some of the moments from life, sometime s funny, sometimes fascinating, sometimes though provoking. I haven’t written much about myself specifically anywhere on the blog. But then aren’t we in some way the sum total of our experiences. So this is me one could say. Click here to know more about me.

There are some theories that say beauty is all about symmetry and proportion. Symmetry and proportions exist not only in the physical world but also in the world of ideas and logic. In my analysis I take some general concepts or burning issues of national/global interest and try to present a structured analysis with symmetry of logic and balance of viewpoints. That is my purpose in doing analysis. Though sometimes I get carried away when I have strong feelings on issues, I believe there is no absolute right or wrong and I would be the last person to lay it out for someone else. Every human deserves to think and decide on their own and I don’t seek to influence anyone with my ideas. My analysis can be found here.

Life has multiple vicissitudes and at times things can be real taxing. The only way one can maintain one’s sanity amidst immense stress is by looking at the funny side of things and having a hearty laugh to relieve oneself. Once you are able to laugh at something, it no longer looks so menacing anymore. My satires are an attempt to highlight the ridiculous aspects of otherwise serious issues and generate a few laughs. This is one place where I can just let my imagination run wild without any boundaries. You can find my works of satire here. In a way this is where I live up to my name. Courts of kings in Victorian times had jesters or fools who would spell out hard unpleasant facts others feared to speak out in a humorous way.


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Nadia said...

Was reading something on The Decent Stalker of SRK, and ended up finding a link to Lucifer House here. Quite an interesting place you have here, and lovely thought. Indeed life is hectic for most that they forget to enjoy the joys of just taking it easy.

Have bookmarked you and will be a regular visitor here!

Anunoy Samanta said...

Hi Buddy you've been nominated by me for Liebster Award, please check it @ http://just4suzan.blogspot.com/2013/03/liebster-award-youre-blogging-pretty.html and play your part! Cheers :)

Viveksheel said...

Hi TF ,

I am glad to inform you that your blog has been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. Please visit http://viveksheel-blog.blogspot.in/2013/12/my-first-liebster-blog-award.html and accept the award.


SK | Author - Business Doctors said...

Hi TF,

I am the author of 'Business Doctors', a story about management consultants helping out an underworld client.

Here's more about the book:

I checked with your coauthor and he isn't taking up review requests. Wondering if you are still open to new book reviews.

I'd be happy to send across a complimentary copy when the book is released (hopefully in the next few weeks), in return for an honest review.

Please drop me an email on: contact [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com

- Sameer

Anonymous said...

Very well managed & brilliantly expressed Blog.
Keep the good work up :)

T F Carthick said...

Thanks darshan.

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