Web site review: Parihara.com

Reviews have been the most popular genre for bloggers, be it review of books, movies, gadgets, tourism, websites or other blogs. Blogs specializing in particular kind of reviews are most popular too as it is very useful and informative. Somehow I have so far not got into reviews much expect for reviews of a couple of books and movies. And those were critical reviews But I guess there is a first time for everything. So here is my first factual review meant to showcase a website run by a close friend of mine, a person very passionate about ancient Indian culture and traditions.

The website is meant to be one point of contact for Online Pooja  bookings, Astrology Predictions, Online Classes, Vedic Homams & Yantras. Right now one has a choice of over 60 different poojas that can be ordered online covering almost all popular temples in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. Pooja rates vary from 500 to 1000 Rs. The site also has videos of some of the Pujas being performed from earlier offerings in case someone wants to see how the Pooja will be performed. 

In the Astro Counselling section, the site has 9 offerings as of now: Career Report, Complete Horoscope Analysis Report, Computer Horoscope, Financial Report, Health Report, Horoscope matching - computer generated, Horoscope matching - Detailed Analysis, Marriage and Marital Life Analysis Report and Prashna - Ask your question. The prices vary from as low as 100 Rs up to Rs. 3000 based on the scope of services requested.

Yantras were something new I was introduced to in this site. As per the definition on the site "Yantras are sacred amulets prepared as per scriptural injunctions given in the Tantra texts. They are then worshipped and energised in a temple for a minimum of 15 days with the chanting of the appropriate mantra associated with that yantra and its presiding deity. Some Yantras are placed in the home or office at the altar and worshipped regularly. Yantras drawn on thin plate can be folded or embedded in a silver or gold locket to be worn on the neck or tied on the arm with a sacred thread of specified colour such as red, yellow or black etc" The site offers Yantras for avoiding accidents, for education, for appeasing specific planets, to overcome enmity, for wealth and prosperity, to overcome terminal illnesses, for progeny, marriage and career.

Overall the website is a reliable solution for people who have faith in these ancient Indian traditions and would like to have ritual performed. One no longer has to be beguiled by charlatans on the roadside and be assured that the requested rites will be performed as per the scriptures. Of course the effectiveness of the respective ritual in accomplishing the desired result will depend on faith. After all every religion has a mystic side to it that works on faith that still lies outside the horizon of present day science.  So anyone interested can check out the wesbite here

The wesbsite also has an accompanying blog that gives interesting information regarding ancient temples and the significance of some of the ancient traditions. Even if one is not in interested in any of the products , one can visit the blog to get to know some interesting things about Indian culture. 

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