Fifty grand worth of apparel

In the Tamil movie Arunachalam, our superstar Rajinikanth is asked to spend 3 million in one month in order to receive an inheritance of 30 billion. How many of us wish we were in a similar situation! QVENDO has provided us with a similar opportunity. Stakes are much lower though. You spend 50,000 and you get 50,000. And the 50,000 you get to spend is imaginary. But luckily the 50,000 you get on winning at least is real. But still not too bad a deal, eh? So I have also decided to throw my hat into the ring. Or rather pull a hat out of the ring. Not just any hat but a magician’s hat. So that is the first thing on my wish list – a magician’s hat. That would cost around 10,000 bucks. And still another 40,000 to go.

The contest has this stuff about registering with QVENDO and going through their catalog. But then the contest is going to be judged based on the style quotient. So in a true Rajini style, I want to go about creating my own catalog and not following along the catalog created by someone else. So I am sure the next item to buy would be found inside the depth of my heart and not on any catalog. So I dive down into my heart 20 years deep. I am standing in front of a shop in commercial street in Bangalore. On the front panel, a Spiderman suit is displayed. I am looking at it longingly. But my father earns a mere 800 Rs a month pulls me away firmly after seeing the price tag of 200 Rs. Suddenly I am back to the present.  The time to make that childhood dream come true has finally arrived. So that would be the next item on my list – a spider man suit. That’s another 10000 well spent.

Next we move on to one of the most important apparel items – the shoe. I have read somewhere that in US, joggers are murdered for their shoes. Shoes have always been held in high importance in human culture. Shoes have on different occasions served each of man’s three basic needs – food, clothing and shelter. The shoe’s utility as an item of clothing is obvious. Let me point out instances of its use in the other two contexts. Many of us might have read a nursery rhyme about an old woman who lived in a shoe during our kindergarten days. That’s the shelter part. And as far as the food goes, if you read some shipwreck stories, you can come across instances of shoes being the means of salvation for starved souls. In case you have not read any, I suggest you pick up Yann Martel’s ‘Life of Pi’. Having stressed the importance of shoes, the shoes I have liked most are the ones villains in movies have with knives hidden inside them. How I wish I had one of those! So that’s my next item. I am sure such a cool item will be worth 10,000.

I think my wish list so far might be creating an impression of me as a person with a violent streak. But nothing can be farther from the truth. In fact I am true Gandhian at heart. I have read ‘My Experiments with Truth’ seven times and I have hallucinations of Bapu’s ghost appearing before me and conversing with me all the time, asking me to send ‘Get well soon’ messages to all my enemies. I even have a ‘Get Well Soon’ message ready for the organizers of this contest in case I am not selected as one of the winners. I would like to wear a pair of Gandhi glasses to show the world my love and respect for the father of the nation. Is 10,000 too much of a price for an item so priceless.

Nowadays there is lot of buzz about men needing to explore their feminine side and stuff like that. So I think I will use my last 10 grand to explore my feminine side in a desperate attempt to win the hearts and thereby the facebook likes of my female readers. What better choice for this than a pink colored umbrella with floral designs! Only challenge is it might not cost that much. But one can easily remedy that by getting the umbrella made out of rich satin and its handle out of ebony. If it is still not costing 10,000 bucks, I will still choose to buy it for 10,000 bucks. After all isn’t it the buyer who decides on the true value of something? For me, the happiness of my blog readers is worth much more than a mere 10,000 bucks. But 10,000 Rs is enough to finish off the 50,000 bucks. So here goes.

Having made my choice I logged on to QVENDO site to find these items. But unfortunately I could not find any of them. But then they keep introducing new collections all the time. So I assume these items will be part of their future collection after I have won the prize. So many people have chosen items from past collections. So why can’t I choose things from a future collection? It wouldn’t be fair to be biased towards one direction of time, would it?

People who want to check out the current collections of QVENDO can click this link. You might not find any of my items on their list yet. But I still urge you all to register and buy all the other good stuff they are selling. And guess what! Shipping is free of charge! Please click here and like my entry on facebook. There is a prize based on the number of likes received.

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