Short Stories
  1. Wizard's Day Out
  2. Time Travel
  3. Lonely Bus Stand  - Story was 7th  in an online story writing contest
  4. Mohiniattam (Hidden)
  5. Escape
  6. Hidden
  7. Wish
  8. Return
  9. Change
  10. A Journey
  11. Jewel of the Jungle
  12. The Heart's True Music
  13. Curse of the Last Swan
  14. All in a day's Work (First prize in Green-o-con contest)
  15. In Search of Freedom (First Prize in Blog-a-Ton)
  16. Dream gone wrong
  17. That Last Night
  18. The Legend of Baikadu
  19. Blank Pages (First Prize in Blog-a-Ton)
55 Fiction
  1. The Abandoned Station
  2. His Last Words
  3. Black and White


Radha said...

hey, I had read somewhere that the Singer Chronicles are your personal favourite in your collection. Would you mind sharing it?

T F Carthick said...

@Radha. I write to be read. Initially people told me singer is good enough to be published and I should not let it go waste on my blog. Then I removed it. But later I felt getting read matters more to me than getting published and making money. But I was disappointed when not enough people seemed to be reading it. So again decided people read only stuff published and sold as books and not on blogs and moved them to draft again. Maybe I will mail you the feeds from my mailbox.

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