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I had entered my third year of engineering. A tempest was raging in my head. I was trying trying to find the delicate balance between the demands of a mundane civil engineering curriculum that had failed to hold my attention, the spiritual aspirations to follow on the hallowed footsteps of the great saints and last but not least the mind's revolt against the austerities that following saints entailed. Usually the struggles tended to intensify during the exam times. The conclusion of the examinations brought a welcome release though clouds of anxiety over the exam results still loomed ominously over the skies. So the minute the exams got over, I was out of the college campus on my journey to paradise, the oasis in my dessert of conflicts, 'Moor Market'. Moor Market was where I found my magical wardrobe that helped me escape the real world and enter the magical world of books. Moor Market was a treasure trove of abandoned books. I could go on and on about Moor Market but then this article is not about Moor market. So it suffices to say it was a place close to the Central Station in Chennai where vendors used to sell second hand books on the streets. And in one of the stalls, I came across an old little book titled 'The chronicles of Narnia - The Last Battle' by CS Lewis

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Shanmu said...

Hi Lka,
Good to have you going back to the review series!!

I found the fantasy series by writers from the west to almost always equating 'Christian' culture/religious values to good and 'Eastern' culture/religious values to bad. Aslan sacrificing himself for the sins of others, Aslan resurrected, blood sacrifice demanding evil Gods and Evil from the east in LOTR, the bad guys on Oliphants, fair elves, dark haradrim etc. etc.
But never the less, they are good fantasy reads, much like the stories in all the main religious books :)

The Fool said...

Hi Shanmu. Good to see you back on my blog after such a long time. Actually you are talking about the older fantasies like CS Lewis and Tolkien. If you read the more recent fantasy writers, they will be more pro-paganistic.

Shanmu said...

Hi Lka, v.true :) I like Orson Scott Card and Brandon Sanderson quite a lot - but that said, they have not managed to create a complete fantasy universe yet... The wheel of time was more eastern than western as well :)

Sakhi Shah said...

Nice review. :)
I like Narnia for the first few books (and then too as a casual read as you suggest) but I dislike it intensely once all my favorite characters start going away.

dvirada said...

A very comprehensive review. Really enjoyed it. Loved the way you ended the review. It was apt and concise. You brought the book for 10 rs. Interesting! Looks like you are quite good at bargaining.Glad to know you also love fantasy .We can probably exchange notes the next time we catch up:-) BTW, loved the new look of your blog. It looks very organized:)

The Fool said...

Hi Sakhi. Welcome to my blog. Good to see you share my opinion on narnia series.

@dvirada - Good to see you back on my blog. The 10 Rs was 10 years back. Glad you liked my blog's new look. I am slowly trying to improve it.

vhjamdar said...
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vhjamdar said...

Nice review, clear direction of thought throughout.

The Fool said...

Thanks, Vhjamdar.

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