Vantage Points - Part 4

The fourth part of the love story, this time again looking at the tale from a little distance.


I think I will go mad. So many things are happening so suddenly. Till last week it seemed as if we were having the perfect life. Perfect careers, perfect family, perfect family friends, a peaceful life – what more can one ask for? Then suddenly everything has turned topsy-turvy in a flash. Family is in doldrums. Friends are no longer friends. Peace no longer prevails. And I can’t help feeling my career might have been at the root of all this trouble.

I am ruing the day I took up teaching as a career. It would have still been fine if I had restricted myself to interacting with students at school. But, no! I had to bring them home, didn’t I? Even the uneducated rustic folks can tell you it is not advisable to have frequent visits from girls when you have a young son with hormones running wild at home. But no! I was too modern to pay heed to any that kind of country wisdom. I had to entertain my favorite girl students at home only! It was I who tried to almost make them part of family. So why am I surprised when one of them may now actually become part of my family?

Actually Jyothi is not a bad girl at all. She was one of my favorite students. But this whole thing has come as a bolt from the blue. I had never imagined even in my wildest dreams that one of my girls would snap up my own son. Why did she have to do this? Is this how she has chosen to repay all the love and affection I have showered on her as a teacher? Maybe it was my fault only. As a teacher I should have known better than anyone the psyche of the children of that age. When chemicals are brought together, a reaction is bound to occur. Can the chemicals be blamed? It is the one who brought them together that is to be blamed.

But what am I to do now? Everything is in such a mess! My heart goes out to Ashwin’s father. He is in such a terrible state these days. How else will he be? He has lost his best friend of over two decades. This has just sucked away all the joy from this life. He keeps brooding all the time. Why did Krishnan also have to do this? Why did he have to break such a long standing friendship over one single issue? What could Ashwin’s father have done anyway? He could not have used his parental authority to bully Ashwin into marrying Swati. Could he have? That is not the kind of person he is. If Krishnan was really a true friend, could he not have understood his situation?

When I talk to Ashwin on phone, I can feel he is not very happy too. He realizes how much anguish he is causing us. But he is helpless. I know what love does to people. He is torn between us and her. If we strongly demand it, I am sure her will let go of her and act as per our wishes. But we don’t want to do that to him. Frankly we are also as much lost as he is. I only keep wishing all this had never happened. I can’t help but blame Jyothi for all this. If she had not bewitched my little Ashwin with her feminine charms, things would have been so different. Both our families would have now been joyously celebrating our union instead of being entangled like this. And I just can’t help feeling guilty for being the one who brought Ashwin in contact with that girl. I just don’t know how things are going to fan out. I can only hope somehow miraculously everything gets sorted out and our lives return to normal.

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Nabanita said...

Loving it ... again waiting for the nest part of the story.. Nice read TF!

The Fool said...

Very happy to see you following this story, Naba. Thanks for the encouraging comments.

Rachna said...

It is interesting how you have explored the many facets and angles of any relationship, the people it affects and the repercussions. I am wondering how you will tie up everything in the end. And this a true story so wow!

The Fool said...

Thanks Rachna. Of course I have dramatized the real life incidents and have replicated the thoughts of the people I have not personally interacted with based on conjecture. Of course, I guess it is obvious to the reader which view points are going to come up next. I actually hoped by now I have built sufficient curiosity in the reader about knowing the story from those view points.

Pradip Biswas said...

TF this story requires reading at least twice to get the real taste of it. Waiting for the next part and I wish i should be able to read it if i am not required to go to remote areas for field work.

The Fool said...

Thanks a lot, Pradip for taking effort to read the story twice. I will post the remaining parts before the week ends. Hope you read the entire story.

Rickie said...

Looks the story is poised for its denouement now.

The Fool said...

In next couple of days, we shall have the denouement.

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