Vantage Points - Part 3

This is the third part of the story - a more closer view of the story.

Why is he doing this to both himself and me? I just can’t understand. Clearly, I am the one he truly loves. We were always made for each other. It was decided in heavens. It can’t just be a coincidence that we landed up not only in the same college but got offers from same company on campus as well. Can it? Where did all this new nonsense come in between? This is all just so crazy.

When my father had told me that he had refused to marry me, I had been left completely shell shocked! But I am not the one to sit in a corner and weep quietly. How could he have refused to marry me? This was utter bullshit! I immediately went up to him and sought an explanation.

He had not even had the courage to face me. He had hung his shamefully and then mumbled something.

I have already promised to marry another girl.

What the hell! This had been totally unexpected. “You what?

There is this girl called Jyothi. I have promised to marry her.

The whole story had then spilled out. He had apparently fallen in love with her a couple of years back. But honestly, it seemed to me more like an infatuation than true love. I think he has impetuously gone and proposed to her in a moment of passing emotion. Now he is just holding on to it and not letting go. During the entire time he had been speaking about her, there was hardly any mention of love. It was more about breaking promises and hurting feelings. So I think he regrets what he had done and would be glad to get out of it. But then, he is too conscientious and feels guilty about going back on his word to her.

Sometimes we do commit mistakes. There is no point hanging on to the same for life. This is a question of all our lives. Why does he want to cause grief to all of us like this? I won’t let him do that. I have to make him come face to face with his true feelings. Father is furious with him and does not even want me to talk to him. But father does not understand him like I do. I know he is just lost. He needs me to bring him out of this mess.

It was that stupid girl’s fault also. He says she was in school with us. There was not a person in school who did not know about our closeness. She must have known about it too. Knowing that, how could she have made play for him? That was totally wrong on her part. He says he was smitten by her. But how can that happen just like that? She must have put some charm on him. Otherwise why would he have suddenly left me - who he has known for so many years and gone after her? For that alone she deserves to have her heart broken. It is only fair that she also undergoes what I am undergoing right now.

I am not sure if I should laugh or cry seeing Ashwin’s inane attempts to get me off his back. He is going around pretending to flirt with some random girls thinking I would get angry and let go off him. Seems like he has been seeing too many Indian movies! Did he think I would fall for such cinematic gags? It has got my friends upset though. The other day I had Sowmya ranting away to glory about what a fallen character Ashwin is. He can fool my friends easily. But I have known him so closely for so many years. No way is he going to fool me. I can tell exactly how his mind works. I am not going to be put off so easily. I shall get to the bottom of this whole thing and set things right!

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Nabanita said...

Loved it TF..waiting for the next part!

Rickie said...

Just read through all the 3 parts. Waiting for the denouement. Curious to know Jyothi ki mystery! :)

Rachna said...

Oh God, she is such a fool!

Pankti Mehta said...

Wow. I read all the three parts and it seems to me that this story is more of a mystery. I am dying to read other three parts. I think this girl is a psycho and she just doesn't seem to want to accept that Ashwin has indeed fallen for other girl. Please be fast in publishing the other 3 parts :)

The Fool said...

Thanks Rickie. It will be known soon. Publishing one part a day.

The Fool said...

I like your reaction.

The Fool said...

Thanks, Pankti. I think the HC guys thought this is more mystery than romance and that is why did not select my story.

The Fool said...

Thanks a lot, Naba.

N.S.Kirti said...

Mysterious, mysterious!! Who is this Jyothi chick now! dying to know. and dying to find out Ashwin's actual motives as well!

The Fool said...

Glad I created this mystery about Jyothi. I wanted readers to be ready for her by the time they met her.

asteria's canvass said...

Getting the hang of the story..

The Fool said...

Good. This was the logical first half of the story.

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