Rediscovering the Rhythm

Rediscovering the Rhythm (Mar 2011- May 2011) 

Recovering from a personal tragedy, intense feelings found their expression through poetry. Seeking to keep the sadness at bay, I followed Sherlock Holmes' maxim that work is the antidote for sorrow and  took to prolific blogging - 27 posts in 2 months, almost one post every alternate day. As if to make up for lost time, I blogged with a vengeance. I discovered a lot of international prompt blogs through some fellow bloggers and participated in almost every one of them. My main outputs during this period was poetry and micro-fiction padded by a few book reviews. I used to follow a site 'One Stop Poetry', where different forms of poetry were taught on a weekly basis and I experimented with various poetry forms. This was the phase where my creativity with words was at its peak

After 4 months break, I made a return to blogging with Blog-a-Ton, which was also returning after a break. Here I attempted a new style of storytelling. Instead of having stories, run over months and years, I tried a story spanning just 12 hours. I kept it a shade lighter than my earlier stories and tried to bring out a moral.

Space in her Heart
This was my second story after my comeback, based on an idea I got in a dream related to a real life incident. This was a new style for me, without deeper exploration of psyche and relationship and no attempts to moralize - a work of genuine fiction. This was selected as Blog Adda's spicy post, giving a boost to my return to blogging.

Of Love Lost
This was the first in my series of poems in this phase. This is a sonnet written for the contest with the theme 'Of Love Lost'. I used this theme to write a poem expressing my feelings for my mother.

Violet Blooms and Clover Leaves
This is a simple poem I wrote using some tips I found for a form poetry called Tanka for an image prompt. This was the one that triggered my love for form poetry and for writing posts with images. I was charmed by the idea of writing poetry around images.

Our Prime minister - Clerihew
Another type of form poetry - a clerihew. This time on a political theme.

Cat and Dog Rain
This one is an attempt at Limerick.

Master of the Skies
A poem for a picture prompt - attempting yet another new poetry form - Rondel.

Sword of Truth
Yet another picture prompt, yet another form - triolet. This time a poem with a message.

Narnia Series
With my return to blogging, I wanted to resume reviews of my favorite books as well. So back with a review of one of my favorite children's series.

Jewel of the Jungle
I discovered a prompt where one has to write a 777 words based on a picture. I found this quite interesting and I was able to come up with a lyrical, intriguing and magical tale. The world limit kind of helped me make it a real tight read.

Continuing with my fascination for picture prompts and form poetry - an acrostic this time.

Fling with Fate
Finally got back to the genre of writing I had neglected for long - humorous narrations of incidents related to my life.

An attempt at Haiku.

Another attempt at Rondel, a French poetry form.

Blog-a-Ton gave me opportunity to attempt yet another fiction - again a story with a moral.

His Last Words
This is my second attempt at 55 Fiction for a poetry prompt. As mentioned earlier I would classify 55 fiction more as poetry than prose.

Another Haiku. Not a Haiku in a strict sense though as it has no season word.

Sindbad Sailor
A book review of yet another favorite books from my school days. The highlights of this review was a new reader - an English scholar from US, whose interest in my blog boosted my confidence in the literary merit of my writing.

A Ray of Hope at Last
One of those rare occasions where I express an opinion rather than a detailed analysis. Inspired by Anna movement, I have chosen to got with the stream rather than express a contrary opinion.

Grey World
A free flowing poetry without any forms. Tried to just go with the flow like most poets on blog-o-sphere. This poem was recognized by a blogger forum. This poem was also recited on radio by a friend Madhur Chadha. The recital can be found on youtube here

Glass of Life
After trying Japanese and French poetry forms, an attempt at a Spanish poetry form - Shadorma

Men of Mars
After reviewing children's fiction, I start out with showcasing my favorite genre: science fiction.Book reviews are something I kept maintaining at regular intervals to keep my blog rolling.

Heart's True Music
This is the life story of an old musician, again for the 777 word picture prompt, which used to be a weekly feature.

Goose under Fire
My second attempt at limerick. Other than the structure, one interesting aspect of limerick is that it should be humorous as well.

Her Name is Red
Yet another 777 fiction for a picture prompt. I had recently read about the communist revolution in China. Wrote a short story set in those times.

Do people reveal their true identity of Social Media?
This was an analysis post for a blogger debate contest organized by one of the blogger communities. I try to bring out multiple facets of managing identity of Social Media.

I too had a Love Story (2 Parts)
After the success with the Great Indian Bride Hunt series, I was acutely aware that with Indian readers, romance and humor make a great combo for success. And to avoid cliches from Bollywood, it was best to draw from personal experiences. So I tried to start a series on my failed attempts at finding romance as a sort of prequel to the bride hunt series. But seeing the scant success, I did not proceed with it.

A poetry written in blank verse - meter maintained but no rhyme schemes. I tried to bring out the hesitations one faces while doing something new in life.

Solitary Buffalo on the Dutch Plain
Blog-a-ton was fast losing sheen. So wrote a random musing, but on a topic dear to my heart. It is regarding my first inspiration to make serious attempts at writing.

Rainbow's End
A philosophical poem, writing in my natural style without restrictions put by forms.

Books by Jules Verne
Around this time, I was running out of steam after a flurry of posts. This was the last post in that phase just to fill the gap. My usual book showcases were of series and not individual books. So wrote about all of Jules Verne's books in one post considering them as one big series.


Soham Roy said...

'Solitary Buffalo on the Dutch Plain' ... I loved this one...Nice job done...And besides your versatility often fascinates me :) And yes , contrary to what you might feel ..I do follow your blog :)

Pankti Mehta said...

OMG! The things you have tried are really impressive.

The Fool said...

Thanks a lot, Soham. I am happy to know you follow my blog regularly.

The Fool said...

Thanks, Pankti.

Suresh Chandrasekaran said...

Wow! There are so many poetry forms are there? Gosh!

As you can expect I visited only the prose pages :)

Anonymous said...

Nice summary and admire your versatility ! Will definitely check out some of the posts you mention.

The Fool said...

Thanks Asha. Please do check them out at your leisure.

The Fool said...

Actually it was fun attempting the forms, Suresh. But it is now more than a year or possibly even two since I wrote poetry. Poetry is not everyone's cup of tea.

debajyoti said...

it's evident from the list that you do take blogging seriously. well, you are a published author and it's important for you to understand and try different forms. will go through some of your recent stories which i have missed.

The Fool said...

It is also fun trying different things, deb. I haven't written much humor lately. So you have not missed much.

Purba said...

Jeez! you are giving me a mega complex.

The Fool said...

Hm.. Thats a compliment.

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