The River of Adventure - Review

The last books of the series and a close contender for my favorite book of the series. This one is not rich in settings like circus of Adventure where story movies from city to countryside to foreign country to circus to castle. Most of this story takes place along a river. But there is a kind of charm in a row along a river. You know like Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn. There is a certain peaceful feel to the idea of just relaxing in a boat that is going down the river and excitement around interesting towns that keep coming along the banks.

If Circus of Adventure was Jack's story, this one is Phillip's story. He has this magnetism that makes him attractive to humans as well as animals. He also manages to pick up an exotic pet. The children get out of most of their situations due to this prowess of Phillip. Kiki the parrot does pitch in as well.
The story has interesting settings - in the borders of Syria. Initially story is fun - visiting an exotic place with family. But this is a pleasure cum work trip for Bill - so one knows where the danger is going to come from. The villain turns out not that dangerous. Except for a risk of falling down a waterfall, even the elements don't threaten that much. Guess with Sea and Mountain, Enid Blyton decided to put danger behind her and focus more on fun.

The story ends with exploration of an underground cavern and the final encounter with antagonist as usual.
Some of the things may offend modern sensibilities. For example in the end Phillip compliments the girls that they were as good as boys. During the second part of the story when the children are on their own with native adult Tala, one sees a trace of imperialistic attitude in Phillip. Tala is an adult and ideally should be in charge. But no! English boys only have to be in charge. So Phillip makes a wrong choice going against Tala's advice just to put Tala in his place.

Of course all this was expected. But overall an enjoyable read - the second in the series I had originally read. When I had read it I had been totally puzzled who is Mrs. Cunningham taking care of the kids down with flu in the beginning of the story. In case you are wondering too, read and find out. I have tried to keep my reviews largely spoiler free. I mean this would not have been a spoiler if the book had been read in sequence. But just in case someone reads all my reviews and then starts the series.

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