A Fremen's Warning

I am a Fremen. What is that you ask. We are a tribe of people who live in the desert planet of Arrakis. Our entire culture revolves around one resource that we sourly lack - water! Yes - water, that you take so much for granted. In our planet we hardly have enough water. We harvest every drop that is found and fiercely protect every drop. We move around in clothes called stillsuits that do now allow moisture to escape our body through sweat and urination. All water that comes out of our body is purified and circulated back for use. The greatest tribute we can offer to someone is a few drops of tears for water is such a crucial element in our lives we can't afford to lose even a drop of it unless the occasion really demands it. We show our greatest sign of friendship by spitting on your face. For thus we offer you our water. All the water that runs in the bodies of the members belongs to the tribe. So the moment someone dies, before we do the ceremonies, we harvest all the water. For water is more precious than sentiments. We can't afford to lose the water in their bodies.

Such is our lives. If we don't live by this code, death awaits us. But you? Your planet has still not become a desert planet. Act while you still can. You can save your water in a much easier manner than how we save ours. Water still seems like an abundantly available commodity that you so take for granted. But it isn't. It must have been in our planet as well once upon a time. But then our ancestors didn't preserve it and it all went away and we were overtaken by the desert. Same will be your fate if you don't act fast. All your cities are already facing acute water shortages. Ground water is draining and water table is going lower and lower. River beds lie dry. And mindless of all this, flat promoters are destroying one easy source of water - lakes. Every time it rains ,lakes store up water and are your reserve for the sunny days. But instead ugly apartments loom over every lake and rain water drains away and joins the sewage. In the rainy season, water is seen every where but nowhere is usable form. In summers, all the water is gone and not a drop to be had.

Some of the things you can do to save your precious water:-
  1. Take a stand against flat promoters building on top of lakes. Hit them where it pains most. Don't buy from them and run campaigns to make everyone boycott these flats. Let them remain unsold and let the promoters lose big money so that they will never encroach a lake again. 
  2. In your flats and bungalows, don't keep digging bore well after bore well - there is no more water to be had from the ground. Instead go for water harvesting. Harvest every drop of water.
  3. Use recycled water for toilets, lawns and fountains. 
  4. This is a bit extreme - but don't use showers or water directly from taps. Instead use buckets and mugs like olden times. That way you will be conscious of how much water you are using. When  used directly from taps and showers, one never knows how much water is getting spent and all water that comes out is not used.
There is much more to do but these are some good ways to start. Don't let your planet become another Arrakis. In case you want to know more about our lives look up Dune series by Frank Herbert. 

Work with organizations that work to save water.

Support the #CuttingPani Initiative to save water.

Sign this petition to save water at restaurants.

Watch this video on wastage of water at restaurants.


G S Prasad said...

Harsh truth- no one ever refrains from buying a 'lakeview' apartment. Realty is booming and bludgeoning lakes. One cannot simply stop people from the 'makaan' part of the holy trinity - 'roti, kapda, makaan'. How many of us are consciously avoiding plastic ? Way back in '09 I was appalled to see tons of plastic waste stuck in Bhagirathi at Gaurikund, Kedarnath. No wonder the river mother grew angry.
Anyway, you put up a good reminder for all the readers.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks for reading and commenting Prasad. Yeah - we can do things like stopping plastics and dumping stuff into rivers at our end.

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