Carthick's Unfairy Tales

Lately I was discussing with one of my friends and he said there are blog fairies lurking around on every blog and silently reading your posts. Or should I call them phantom readers. Apparently they read every post diligently but never make their presence felt with a comment or like on any forum where the post is shared. But then if you announce about your book publication, they may probably buy it. Who doesn't wish they had secret admirers of this sort - unobtrusive, hidden with only desire to please the object of their desire.

One sees their presence in the daily reader count but that is often dismissed as bots or someone googling straying in by mistake due to your blog post appearing in some search result and immediately beating a hasty retreat on the discovery that the blog is not what they were looking for. Apparently you can track all that if you set up Google Analytics and look at bounce rate and such. But why do that when you can live in fool's paradise looking at the daily count and believing them all to be genuine readers, admirers and fans.

So for any such blog fairy who is lurking, here goes the details of my book. It is titled 'Carthick's Unfairy Tale'. Yes - I included my name in the title. You know like Grimm's Fairy Tales. It is a retelling of seven fairy tales through some interesting perspective and bringing out hidden facets of the tales. It is a kind of book that can be read by people of all ages and each person will find something different in it. They can be read as regular stories or as satires.

So without much further ado, here goes,

This is where you get the Kindle Book in India.

If you are anywhere else you get the Kindle Book here

If you have Kindle Unlimited, this book is there in the collection absolutely free. Otherwise you pay 99 Rs, in India or $1.56 in US - similar prices in other places. If you want a paperback in India, this is where you need to go.

The book costs Rs. 175 and available at discounted price of Rs. 158.

For other countries, the paper back is available as well on Amazon itself - USA, UK, Japan and continental Europe. However not available in Canada and Australia.

You can go here to read my publishing story.

This is my other blog where I post on specific themes in a more focused manner and use as author page.

This is my Facebook author page to get all my updates.

What else. Hope to see at least some of you in one of the above mentioned places. Come on blog fairies, sprinkle your magic dust and give me joy. 


umashankar said...

Funny that a fine spinner of fairy tails is craving for blog fairies. I will be the last one to nudge you into renouncing the illusion, but patrons of good old-school writing have been tumbling down the slope of extinction. Farther than the beguiling pastures of the Blogosphere, Real readers are out there somewhere, my friend. I wish they find and overwhelm you.

T F Carthick said...

You have been one consistent supporter, Umashankar. If not for you, I would have given up blogging ages back. Thanks for the consistent support.

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