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While this blog has been running close for close to 7 years and I have made acquiantance with numerous bloggers, I have never been requested for guest posts as such. I myself volunteered on 3 ocassions. But that changed towards end of last year with requests coming from 2 bloggers I have known for a very long time - Nethra and Saravana. This has been followed by a request from yet another person who I have known for really long - Rachna Parmar- who hosts a very popular blog on parenting, relationships and social issues. She writes in a simple, sensible, no nonsense style that appeals to a lot of people. Her blog has won acclaim on numerous Indian and International forums - Indiblogger, Blogadda and Huffington Post to name a few. It is indeed a honor to write a guest post on her blog. The post is on a topic that is very popular on blog-o-sphere but absolutely new to me.

'I never imagined I would ever write a post on parenting – I am just not parenting material. But then here I am, invited by one of India’s foremost bloggers on the topic of parenting to write a guest post on her blog on this very topic. Let me see where do I get started – this is one topic where I have the luxury to start like Oliver Twist – where it all began. It all happened one fine September morning on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi. Wife complained of pains and we rushed to the hospital. Nowadays in modern hospitals however fathers do not wait anxiously outside for nurses to come out and announce whether it is a boy or girl. They take you right in where you can watch the doctor pulling out a lizard like creature from your wife’s womb like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, chatting away casually all the time. I was so stupefied by the enormity of the moment that I did not even use basic common sense to figure the gender of the child and had to be told the same. '

Click here to read the rest of the post on Rachna's blog.


Suresh Chandrasekaran said...

Hilarious and, yet, sensitive post, TF!

Cart Hick said...

Thanks Suresh.

Anonymous said...

Just read the post TF :) Good one and refreshingly honest I must say.Well, to be very honest, I wasn't much of a 'baby' person too.I ran away from them as much as possible. But surprisingly things changed once I had my son.I wasn't so much for the diaper months, but I discovered a treasure house of new experiences and learning once he got older. And you know what, we become different people and probably better people due to our kids , coz they force you to look at yourself like nobody else can :) All the best in your journey !

Cart Hick said...

Thanks a lot, themoonstone. I am also looking fowards with anticipation to experiences with my son.

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