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Well, finally I decide to do a full fledged tag post. From saying no tags, to saying I will accept award but not answer questions, I moved on to answering the tag on Facebook, then answering on my blog but not tagging anyone. Finally now I am going to answer the tag as well as tag people as per the requirement. This is a testimony of my evolving relationship with fellow bloggers. From starting as a high brow author types expecting people to come and read my blogs like they read novels, I have come to realize that blogging is more a social media for connecting with fellow bloggers - people from different age groups, genders, locations, professions and walks of life. In a way, it is different from other media. Facebook is primarily to connect with people you already know. I have not done much with twitter. Chat rooms mostly lead to very hollow discussions starting with ASL (Age sex location). I indulged in that a decade back and came to realize it is only for pretenders and people starved of company of opposite gender. Blogging that way is different as the blog posts serve as a firm base where you get some insight into people's personality before interacting with them. Tags I feel have emerged as an integral part of the social ecosystem of blog-o-sphere and hence my acceptance of tags.

Now moving on to the tag itself, this is a tag given by Subhorup, a friend, philosopher and guide in the literal sense of the term. One of my few friends in blog-o-sphere he definitely is. A philosopher who shares his philosophy in his blog and lives by it as well.And a guide too for most of whose posts serve as guides for various practical aspects on life such as doing well in job, time management, saving fuel etc.

Category 1: Your most beautiful post: Not sure what one means by beautiful post. But I guess this 777 word story is something I am able to associate with beauty - Jewel of the Jungle

Category 2: Your most popular post: I think here I will go more by perceived popularity than traffic or comments as they are influence by other factors. So the one that has been most popular to date is - Great Indian Bride Hunt

Category 3: Your most controversial post: I mostly blog my personal experiences, fiction and poetry. So there isn't much scope for controversy. I have not had much comments when I post analysis kinds of posts to know if it generated controversy. So I choose a post where I feel I have expressed an opinion that is very different from what most people hold - Is Flat the best shape for the World?

Category 4: Your most helpful post: My blog is not an informative blog. So it is very difficult to find a helpful post. But I was able to locate a post, where at least the intent was to be helpful. Don't know whether it was though  - How to write a story?

Category 5: A post whose success surprised you: This was a post written by me as an angry response to lack of success in contest. But it was so well received that it totally surprised me: The Legend of the Baikadu

Category 6: A post you feel did not get the attention it deserved: There was this satire post picked as Saturday Spicy pick by BlogAdda. But it received 3 comments, 2 of which were personally solicited by me: Lok Pal Film

Category 7: I am really proud of this poem. At times I can't even believe I wrote it. Never written anything comparable since - Fool 

Now to nominate 5 diverse people from different circles for this tag from my side to complete this tag requirements. First time I am nominating people for tags. This is a nice tag to give because it is about your best posts and does not involve any buffoonery. Hope this results in some cross pollination and these bloggers get some new readers.

1. C.Suresh - He needs no introduction. But in case there is anyone who does not know him, he writes amazing posts both humorous and gloom and doom with perfect language and flow. He aspires to be a novelist. He has received many tags. But only reason I give him the tag is probably because he has not received this particular one and he is one person I am 100% sure will not refuse the tag.

2. Sumana Khan - She is one of the very first blogger friends. She is a regular and experienced blogger blogging on wide variety of topics. She is an amazing story teller and has self published a novel too. I don't think she actively socializes in blogging circles. So hope to introduce her to my current blogging circle through the tag.

3.Asteria -  She is a new blogger. I visited 2-3 posts of hers. I kind of like her writing style. She has a kind of tangy touch to her writings. She has probably not received a tag before. So I would like to be the first one to give her a tag. Hopefully it helps her grow her blogging circle.

4. Shilpa Nair -  She has been one of the most active commentators on my blog for a very long time.  She is a tragedy queen who can write beautiful stories that can move one to tears. She doesn't seem too active on her blog these days. So not sure if she will take the tag.

5. Shail Mohan -  She is again one of the bloggers I met in my early days of blogging. She writes beautiful stories with life like descriptions. I visit her blog only sporadically though as I visit blogs by directly typing the url and not through any feeds. So usually the ones who have visited me recently tend to be on top of the mind recall. These tags can help me remember some of my older friends.


asteria's canvass said...

As I said earlier also I am ultra-excited to receive this tag,and being new in the blog world I will have to do a lot of reading before I pass on the baton.But I am pretty sure its going to be worth every second I spend here.
Thanks a dozen for the tag,nothing imitates the thrill of the first tag I guess.

umashankar said...

It is a personal post glowing with warmth emanating right from your heart. As if to mark a change in your feelings towards tag posts, your blogs wears a new fascinating theme. I am glad to learn about your own favourite post, and thoughts about other pieces. Congratulations to the gilt-edged names.

T F Carthick said...

Glad you are happy to receive the tag. Do pass on the tag soon. You will keep receiving more tags as you become popular in blog-o-sphere and backlog will build up.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks a lot, umashankar. Glad you like the tag post and the new template. You were one of the persons instrumental in my change of heart about tags.

Anonymous said...

Loved the compile, TF. I was reading your kind words about me and wondering if you have got me mixed up with someone else. :) And a few new things to check out too! It is so interesting to see things from the author's perspective! Your observations about your journey are not difficult to identify with, at least for me. Writing on the web has helped me evolve as a person and a writer too. God bless you and your work.

C Suresh said...

What an honor to be among the first to receive a tag from you, TF!! I need introduction all right and what better introduction than the one you gave me!

Yes! You can be sure I will accept the tag. Even were I the sort to stay away, I could hardly refrain from boasting about this one :) Thanks!!

T F Carthick said...

Glad you liked my response to your tag, Suborup. Hope you managed to convince yourself that it was you only I was talking about.

T F Carthick said...

Glad at your acceptance of the tag, CS. Though I would play down the significance of being among the first to receive tags from me. I wouldn't want people not part of this tag to feel neglected. That is one of the reasons I have been avoiding tagging people so far. Now I thought with so many tags coming up, I can eventually cover everyone. My only focus was to ensure everyone finds at least one person they do not know tagged along with them so that I can promote new networks.

indu chhibber said...

It was nice reading your frank ruminations & also about your various posts-shall read them by & by.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks indu. Do check them out. Each represents a different flavor of my writing.

s said...

Thank You so much for the tag, TF....It means a lot to have someone of your calibre appreciate my writing since you have been one of the first bloggers I 'met'...You are right about me being lax on the writing part, however this gesture is so sweet that I will definitely pass on the tag-ton....

Thank You!

(P.S. - If copying was not a 'bad thing' I would copy your site pixelto-pixel :D...Totally love te new look of ur blog )

T F Carthick said...

Thanks, Shilpa. Glad you accepted the tag. Looking to see what you consider your best in each category.

Yes the template is a nice one. I was going for something else. My wife insisted I go for this one. But it is available in standard templates. You can easily have this one for your blog.

Rachna said...

I find it difficult to do tags too, and then passing them on is a herculean task. Nice read with you tracing your journey. And, I agree that blogging is all about interaction. We build friendships as we follow each other's journey. You sure are evolving in your writing. I like the new look, except the white text jars for me. I haven't been following your work for long but whatever I've read is good :). Will be back for more. And nice to have your post on your blog ;-)!

T F Carthick said...

Thanks Rachna. There won't be much white texts in the regular posts. This post it is there because too many links. Normal post will have utmost one link in the end. And people generally don't seem to click links.(which of course lead within my blog only). So hope at least this will make the links prominent for folks to click.

Ha ha - My posts are usually on my blog only

Zephyr said...

I loved the intro to this tag post. For me to blogging is a wonderful way to connect to people because I simply don't know how to use the other two social media. Which is why I invest so much of my time and energy into looking for and zeroing in on good blogs to read and follow. I have not read some of the posts you have picked but will do so soon. I had tagged bloggers in the early months of blogging but not later. I had done this tag too for my second blogaversary as I thought it was a nice way of going through the archives.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks, Zephry. Glad to know I am one of those you have looked for zeroed in on. I see these tags as something I am doing for my blogger friends to connect them with each other and my other regular readers. Do check out my posts. Each one has an absolutely different flavor of my writing.

Shesha Chaturvedi said...

Okkay It seems I have a 'to read' list to follow now. I will try to follow the posts you have mentioned above. I agree with you that blogging is a better version of Social media. Its a way of connecting with people, knowing their take on our thoughts and vice-verse. Again blogging has given people a way to channelize their energies in useful things, also providing some added information on various topics.
Though I am not very well connected on this "Blog-O-sphere" but I am trying. Its good know fellow writers. Nicely done Tag!

T F Carthick said...

Thanks, Shesha. Do check them out. Blogging is definitely more productive than twitter and FB. But now most people use all 3 together.

Shail said...

Thank you TF. I seem to have missed your FB comment/message and came via your comment on my post :) Thank heavens this tag does not have any questions to answer!
Socializing via blogging is certainly different, as the posts do give an insight about the person behind the blog, may be not accurate, but certainly very close. The Indiblog days were real fun.
I will definitely take up the tag once I am on home base. Hope that is okay? And yes, I have to check these blogs of yours too, that you have linked!

T F Carthick said...

Thanks for accepting the tag, Shail. Take the tag at your own convenience.

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