Blog Reviews

I have noticed lot of people requesting for blog reviews on online forums. But there seems to be too few reviewers. So I have decided to start reviewing blogs. Anybody who wants their blogs reviewed by me, please read further.
What are my credentials?
  1. This blog has been running for 4 years, 112 posts, 160 followers.
  2. You can check the review section of my blogs to see my book and movie reviews. Now I am planning to extend it to cover blogs, computer games and cartoon series as well.  
  3. I have been reviewing SOPs of hundreds of MBA aspirants at a popular MBA website.
  4. I have been sent free books for reviews from 3 different sources
  5. Indimag selected me as the best commentor
Is there any minimum criteria for me to review a blog?
Yes. Fortunately or unfortunately I have a full time job and a family and I need to write my own posts too. So I can only review limited blogs. So I would restrict myself to only serious blogs. So the criterion is:
  1. Blog should be at least 13 months old
  2. Blog should have atleast 21 posts
  3. There should be at least one post per month for the last 4 months
How many blogs I will be reviewing?
I would be reviewing one blog every 15 days on an average. When I am relatively free, I shall do 2 or 3 a week? When work is hectic, it will be once a month.
What will the reviews be like?
The reviews will be right here on my blog. They will be detailed and cover aspects of content, layout, navigability and interaction. I will not cover SEO and technical aspects as I am not familiar with those. The opinions would entirely be my personal opinion covering both positives and negatives. You can chose to disagree. The post will have back links to your blog.
How to request a review?
Since I need to be selective, I would need some information for deciding. Please answer the following questions.
  1. The link of the blog
  2. The objective of the blog (Entertain, Informational, Social cause, Share feelings, Literature etc.)
  3. The links of 5 best posts according to you
  4. What is special about your blog/writing?
  5. Does it cater to any specific niche? If so, mention.
How will I chose ?
I would chose based on the following criteria in the same order:-
  1. My interest and knowledge in the niche the blog belongs to
  2. How much I get interested based on the answers
  3. How much I like the selected 5 posts
Where to put the request?
Put your request in the comments section. In case the answers are too long for the comments section, put it on your blog and post the link in my comments section. I am sure anyone who visits your blog for the first time will want to know the answers to these questions.
What if your blog is not reviewed 2 months after the request?
Submit again with updated information or just drop a comment requesting me to consider the old information. Otherwise I might think you have lost interest in my review due to the delay.
Anything else?
If I review your blog and you like the review, I would request you to give me back link and also publicize the review on facebook, twitter and other forums.


Stan Szczesny said...

I’ve not been posting for 13 months, but I have over 280 posts in 11 months. I take writing and blogging very seriously. I would be honored if you reviewed my blog, as I respect you as a writer and a thinker.

1. Link to my blog:

2. My objectives are literary/artistic. I wish to improve as a writer of poetry, essays, philosophy, maybe some fiction. With the blog, I get to practice before an audience and receive some feedback. I also have the pleasure of knowing that some of work is being read. I’ve written more since starting the blog than I have in the rest of my life put together. I also wish to leave a record, however inadequate, of my studies.

3. Listing a best 5 is like choosing between children. Here are a few characteristic samples:

4. What’s special: I voraciously read classic books across many disciplines, and I read them well.

5. I’ve not gotten around to catering to a niche. My students, home-schoolers, people who want information on specific authors or passages in books come to mind. My labels can be used to study specific classic authors. The label list is very broad for just under a year of posting, and it is deepening as time passes.

Thanks for considering my blog. I appreciate the offer of some intelligent feedback.

Anonymous said...

wow this is nice. great initiative and will definitely help a lot of people. i ll submit my blog for review exactly after 11 months when i ll be eligible :D.

The Fool said...

I will definitely review your blog, Stan. I too have great respect for you as a writer. I am glad you considered me worty of reviewing your blog

The Fool said...

Thanks, factsandnonsense. I hope you understand the reason for the criteria. I want my reviews to be direct my readers towards other good blogs.
So many people start with enthusiasm, post 10-15 good posts over 5-6 months and then give up blogging.
I will definitely review yours once you have been around for some time.

The Narcissist said...

1. The link of my blog -

2. The objective of the blog - To provide boredom relief to the world through nothing but pure Narcissism. :D

3. The links of 5 best posts according to you

Every single post in my blog is awesome :D Making me pick is just cruel :D

4. What is special about your blog/writing?

Oh wow. Tough question. But my first post provides answer to that :D Here is the link. :D

5. Does it cater to any specific niche? If so, mention.

All my posts are random and different. Anybody can read it and they will love it.

Thanks in advance for the review man :D :D You are going to love doing this :D


The Fool said...

@ Narcicist - Shall take up yours for review once I an done with review of Stan's blog. Guess now that I have a pipeline, I will have to start chosing from next request on.

The Narcissist said...

:D Dude I came to your post first :D I would have been the first to comment if you hadnt asked me to pick 5 post from my blog. :D :D Damn u stan :D :D

The Fool said...

@ Narcissist - You have still earned yourself an early bird review. If people line up, then all may not get reviews. If people don't line up, I may stop the reviews in 2-3 months.

The Narcissist said...

With time, this is going to become popular and u are not going to have time for anything else my friend. :D I will feel more luckier in a few a weeks than I feel now I guess :D

Anonymous said...

One of ly blogs is 2 years old, but unfortunately the blog for which I am looking for review is just one and half months old, but I am quite serious about it. I have 12 posts on it. Leaving the link in case you would still like to review :)
The link of the blog:
The objective of the blog: Entertainment and Literature
The links of 5 best posts according to you
What is special about your blog/writing? Unique stories narrated in simple way
Does it cater to any specific niche? Yes, storytelling

The Fool said...

@ Animesh - I have 2 reviews lined up. If nothing else comes up till weekend following next, I shall take up yours. If other requests come up, it depends on how much I like your posts.

Leo said...

Vokay, I've combined all my blogs since I started into one, and going to stick there, it's

My blog, this current one is unfortunately just a few days old, though my blogging has happened since the past 5 years, has at the moment 1303 posts, and one post a month atleast for the past 4 months.

The objective of my blog is quite simple. I love to write, and my blog is my paper. I write anything my mind falls on, mostly in free verse or haiku poetry, though I dab in other forms too. Its like a sharing of my thoughts and emotions through literature I think :)

Best posts... okay, in random order, here are my selections..






I've changed my blog's name, but I think that hasn't altered the specialty.. My blog is special because it is why I am alive. I live in the words I write, and I feel those who read can feel my heartbeats in them. It is special because it makes me fight on, no matter what. It is special because it makes me come back to it no matter how many times I feel to, and do, start afresh. :)

My niche is poetry I guess, since sometimes, my words go to a depth that not everyone can understand. I try to keep it simple though :)

(I think thats all the info you wanted, K, so there u go :) if anything more needed, please let me know..)


The Fool said...

I am glad to see you here, Leo.I seem to have lost track of your blog every since you moved to your wordpress blog. Would be glad to review yours. Would take up yours once I am done with the Narcissist's blog.

At one point I even pondered if I should first do reviews of all my friends before I go public with my review offering. But then I decided not to presume my blog friends will want to be reviewed by me. But nice to see friends lining up for review.

@ Animesh - Your blog right now would be in the queue after Leo as I have been following his blog for 2 years now and I know blogging is his life.

animesh said...

I am OK with that:) Anything for friends.
Thanks for considering me though this blog of mine does not fulfil your criteria. BTW, this review will help me to improve a lot as I am damn serious about this blog. The earlier one was just out of passion.

Santosh bs said...

Hello, here I am with my request:
1. Link- http://

2. Objective- Share the world with the people through my legs (travel & treks) and my eye (camera), all in all a travel and photography blog with some time pass stuff in b/w.

4. Special- There are lot of travel/photo blogs around, but each with its own taste and aroma. Passing out information would be one of the high's of my blog for the fellow travelers.

5. Nope- Anybody interested in nature, travel and photography.

3. Tough choice, still will try!

One of the blockbuster posts yielding high traffic on my blog during my initial photographic days!
Another most viewed post
One of my best treks till date

The Fool said...

Thanks for providing the details, Santosh. I would be posting the review within 15 days from now.

Sujatha Sathya said...

what an initiative! you sure are going to be very busy :)
good luck & good job again :)

Arti said...

The link of the blog:
My Yatra Diary...

2.The objective of the blog: Informational and Entertain

3.The links of 5 best posts according to you:

Kabirvad, One of the oldest living trees in India

ISKCON Temple in Delhi

Sunrise at the Neelkanth Peak

Magh Mela in Allahabad

My Tryst with evening Arti at Har ki Pauri, Haridwar

4. What is special about your blog/writing?

It is my attempt to show the world what I see, as I see through my eyes; through my photos and words. It is to help all those making a trip to these places to plan theirs better and give a virtual trip to the others.

5.Does it cater to any specific niche? If so, mention: Travel – Spiritual destinations of India

Wonderful Initiative. It's an honor to get an opinion from a reviewer like you. I would also like to mention that, I would be able to publicize it only on twitter. Am not on facebook. I had included a link to your site on my blog a few days back -
, if that could be counted.

Thank you very much for taking my request up, really appreciate your efforts :)

The Fool said...

Thanks, Sujatha,

@Arti - I never noticed the posts where you had thanked. That was sweet of you. Publicizing my blog on forums is not part of the deal for the review. It is something the blogger can choose to do for me if he/she is happy with my review. By backlink I meant, linking from your blog to my review of your blog.

IndianaRonaldo said...

Gossipmonger Inc.

Objective is to try my hand at writing, and I do try to entertain in my poetry and fictional stories. I also post book reviews.

The links of 5 best:

A Christmas story.

Ninja: 55word fiction.

The facebook addiction.

The letter.

Book review: Shiva trilogy.

I am a new man in blogging, instead of sugar-coating let me be frank. There's no special thing, but my writing, I am confident, is certainly good enough to please and keep your attention for sometime.

It caters to mainly book readers and writing enthusiasts. But I try to post tech reviews about sites and utilities I come across.

It's not been 13 months since I started, but I am just posting in case you were gracious to warp your criteria a bit.

Thanks in advance if you decide to review it.

The Fool said...

@Indiana - Will definitely have a look.If I find your writing really really special, I may waive the criteria. Will otherwise also share some feedback with you on a personal message too as and when I have time to look at it in detail.

Santa said...

2. The objective of the blog is to share some photographs and thoughts with my friends. It is also used as a log of my travels and experiences.
3. The links of 5 best posts according to you
4. My Blog is special because it shares my passion for photography and travel with my friends. Since I am an amateur photographer, I try and share my experiments as well .
5. Yes, I cater to a niche of people who are interested in Photography and art.

The Fool said...

Blog looks nice, Santa. Shall take it up once I am done with the others - Arti, Santosh, DS.

Angad Achappa said...

1. Blog Link: Indian Wildlife Photography

2. Objective: I love photographing nature/wildlife and sharing the images from my trips.

3. Five best links:
a) Kabini Calling!!
b) Slender Loris
c) Tiger Tales
d) Daroji Bear Sanctuary - Heaven for Sloth Bears
e) Greater Spotted Eagle with Kill

4. What is special: Well i photograph a lot of wildlife which exists in close proximity to cities and often inside them too. Sharing these images creates a sense of awareness amongst city folk about the beautiful wildlife around them.

5. Niche: Wildlife photographers/enthusiasts and travelers. My labels act as a species list for easy identification of the species.

Great initiative!! :)

Angad Achappa

The Fool said...

Thanks for submitting your blog, Angad. Sounds like a cool blog. Will definitely review. But please be patient. I have a few other blogs to be reviewed before I get to yours. I want to take my time and do a quality job of it.

Anonymous said...

Now looking at the number of requests, I am really very pessimistic about my blog now :(
God or Fool (??) only knows mera number kab ayega...

The Fool said...

@ Animesh - I have gone through your blog completely. But I felt I can not say anything publicly based on just 3 stories. If you want I can share my thoughts, privately. I will do the full fledged review on my blog once you have at least 7-8 complete stories up

Anonymous said...

Thanks man. You can send me an Indimail or mail me at

DS said...

The Fool

---The Link to My Blog - Cricket Wise

---Blog Objective - A blog for all cricket enthusiasts

---5 links

Team Review – India

India Vs Sri Lanka - The ICC World Cup Final, Match Preview

India Vs Sri Lanka, Final - Match Review

My Review of Team India for the Final game Vs Sri Lanka

Sledging sets Cricket on Fire!!!

---special about your blog/writing? - I write in a simple manner which even someone who does not have the knowledge of the game can understand... I include tid-bits or extra things or stats that I pick up while watching the matches

---specific niche - You can say Cricket!!

Will love to have my blog reviewed by you :)

PS - I could not choose the links easily... I have given 4 of them from the world cup to show you how I covered India's campaign.

Team G Square said...

Hey Fool
My blog -
Blog objective - our humble attempt to compile the places we have visited in and around Bangalore

5 posts

Special about writing : loads of Photographs and Lots of lesser known places .

Niche - Travel .

Take your own sweet time . No hurry

Thanks in Advance .

Anonymous said...

Hm! Here are the information about my blog! waiting for you to review..
1)Here is the link
2) Objective: I blog about software and technology reviews.
3)Links of 5 best posts acc. to me...
4)Speciality: The layout of the post for the software reviews!(I believe its special)
5)Niche: Guide for Downloaders!

Farida Rizwan said...

Hi, Thanks for putting me on the list of your blog reviews.
My Blog was launched 20 April and has reached 199 posts now.
Name of the blog – Chapters from my life
Objective : Started as a catharsis for few of my childhood, relationship and Breast cancer experience issues. Now it is a good tool to share my experience and writing skills (if you can call that skill) poetry and knowledge about life with the world.

Does it cater to any specific niche? Personal Blog of a woman who has seen a lot of ups and downs in life.

Now the tough part of selecting the best five posts:

Christopher Joseph said...

Please consider reviewing my blog..
1) The link -
2)Objective - I blog about software and technology reviews.
3)5 Best Links-
4) Speciality: Layout of the software reviews!
5) Niche: A Guide for Downloaders! :D

rainfield61 said...

What an effort you have taken.

Mareta Kusumaningrum said...

Hello, i just get this links from my friend Arti ..

I just start blogging at 2010 , and i just have 34 follower, but i already upload 200++ posting. Just want to try my luck :)

1. My links :

2. The blog is about the story that capture by my camera while i travel on my spiritual journey throught asia.

3. The best capture :

4. It's special because i try to see all other thing in the story inside from my own perspektive.

The Fool said...

Thanks for leaving the details of your blog, Mareta. Will take up your blog for review soon. I have 4 more blogs to review before yours. So it might take close to a month or so for me to get done.

Aabha Midha said...


My Blog qualifies for the Review.

My Blog:

My Objective: To SHARE my Spectrum of Life with my readers.

Links to Five of My Best Posts:

As You turn 21 Surbhi:

Call of the Dentist:

Little Moments of Happiness

Rim Jhim Rim Jhim Rum Jhum Rum Jhum:

My Father's Daughter

What is special about your Blog/Writing?: Difficult to asess myself! All ill say is that i write straight form the heart.

Do you Cater to a nice Blog:? No. This is a Blog anyone can relate to and enjoy. Definitely not a niche Blog.

N.S.Kirti said...

i have been blogging since November 16 2010. So, its almost close 14 months by now and it suits your criteria. And the no. of posts isnt a problem cuz i have over 60 published ones.
answering your questions:
1. link of my blog-
2. Objective of the blog- poetry and updates about my school life etc(things you can ignore if you want to :P)
i wouldnt consider any of my posts BEST, but these are the ones i like myself:
5. (this is my first short story)

4. it is special because when i write, i let go of myself completely. and when i SAY Verses from my heart, i MEAN verses from my heart. it is the only thing that i really LOVE. an dthe fact that i am not ALLOWED to do it most of the times makes it all the more special. i am extremely ordinary and un-noticeable normally, but through my words, i become the REAL me. ok i should stop here or you would be reading an essay :P

specific niche- how about rediscovering myself in my words??

I would be really honored to have my blog reviewed by someone experienced like you. I appreciate your effort.

Aabha Midha said...


Thank you for accepting my comment and publishing it. Look forward to a word from you :)


The Fool said...

Sorry, Aabha. Forgot to reply. This reply is to you as well, Kirti, though I have already replied to you on Indi. I shall definitely look closely at your blogs. There are 6 blogs to be reviewed before yours. I shall take my time and do one by one. Please be patient. After I have looked at your blogs in detail, I will either put a review here or give you a personal note on feedback with a promise of review in a few months after blog has evolved a bit mire.

N.S.Kirti said...

thanks you so much TF.
and i dont mind waiting at all.
i saw what a lot of rush there is for your reviews and i am patient enough to wait on my end :)
looking forward to your views


Anonymous said...

So I've been blogging since 2009. My last post shows a date which is NOT the day I started blogging...since well...I have deleted some old posts :P (long story)
Also...please try not to read my oldest posts...was too young to know what blogging is even about :P

Anyways...ranting aside:

1. Link of my blog -

2. Objective - I love to write, take photographs and of course numerous other things. I post about all of that.

3. Five links -

4. Writing is something I always loved. Honestly, it is the only thing I feel confident about...
I can be very blunt. Sometimes hugely sentimental. Sometimes dark. And sarcastic.Writing for me is like completing a breath. :)

5. It's the fifth link I posted above. this link explains about what my blog is about (or rather not about :P)

The Fool said...

Thanks for leaving your blog for review, Antara. Would only request patience from you as lot of blogs are waiting now.

Aabha Midha said...

Hi, TF

Can understand. No Probs. will surely wait for the required period :)


Ramakant Pradhan said...


Objective: It's a way of expressing myself. Photoblog with pictures taken during my travels in US and India. Its a portrayal of the world as seen through my lens.

5 post links:

Don't think there's anything much special about the blog. It is an outlet for sharing pictures from my travels, and my rants at times.

Photography, maybe..

The Fool said...

Thanks, Ramakant. Shall have a look at your blog. Will take some time though as I have 7 blogs lined up already.

Ramakant Pradhan said...

Sure. I understand. Thanks!!

Santa said...

Thanks for the wonderful review....
have posted the link to this page on my Facebook page as well....

The Fool said...

Thanks, Santa.

gautam maitra said...

Hi Fool!
Am I too late. If not, please take your time give a helping review.
Here is my link

The link of the blog :

The objective of the blog -1.Creative writings -fiction, poetry,essay, sharing feelings
-2.some of the blogs are just critical information I keep for my own reference reading which friends and readers may enjoy

The links of some of my interesting posts :

my blog/writing's key area - Main objective is to make it a poetry, fiction, non-fiction platform, get enough readers and network with writers

The main theme that blog highlights is the love of common people and of nature through

I was into blogging and creative writing a decade back and now again I have picked up the thread after joining indiblogger and later coming to terms with blog marketing, backlinks and SEOs etc. January 12 is a month of good news - my one article is picked by Blogjunta Editor's choice
and another fiction got published in MuseIndia Jan-Feb Edition as lead fiction.

I like plain speaking to target audience that enjoy teenage art and literature.And blog wud increasingly display drawings by my teenage son, a few by me as well

I wud luv to get ur feedback about the blog.Earlier the better. thanks

The Fool said...

Thanks, Gautam. Will definitely take up your blog for review. But it will take time as you are currently 9th in the list.

gautam maitra said...

Thanks Fool, take your own time ..enjoy ur time with family and your own creative urge to write. Take a leisurely pace in ur review in a way u did with ur spending time on a holiday obligation...its just a kinda coffee shop bonding over a theme. Thanks

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

It would be a privilege to have your review of my blog. I am aware of your review list, and appreciate the time you are taking to help the blogging community to evolve, so will wait. Here are the details.

Link of blog:

Objective of blog: To educate, inform and enable postive change in society.

Links to five best posts according to me:

It took me a while toget this together since I wanted them to be representative of what my blog is about. Also, this list does not correspond to most popular in terms of traffic. I have also excluded poetry and creative writing from this list as they are incidental to the main thrust of my blogging.

What is special? I try to provoke people to think about the choices they make in everyday life regarding consumerism, relationships, education, etc., inorder to stem the loss of values that lies at the root of our social problems today. I encourage a return to simplicity and contentment.

Any specific niche? None really, other than the truth that is at the heart of every human being that they refuse to acknowledge and exercise.

The Fool said...

Thanks for leaving your blog details, Subhorup. I will be happy to review it. Your now 11th on the list. If I get a bit of breather at office sometime, I will do a rush and get all the reviews done. Else it will move at a slow pace and it might be a couple of months by the time I get to your review.

Someone is Special said...


I was happy to read your blog reviews and was eagerly waiting for the moment to see my blog being reviewed here but I never know I have to request for it. So here I go… Please review my blog TF…. :-)

Blog Link:

Blog Name: Few Miles

Objective: The objective of the blog is to share the journey of Few Miles when it was started, later I shifted to pen more of creative fictions and poems and finally decided to write creative love stories and romantic poems irrespective of the contest or challenge I write for. I enjoy it to the core because I write anything that my heart wishes to and as a reader you know about my blog a lot :-)

Best Posts: I love all my write-ups so I cannot rate them but according to readers rating.

1. Moments of Madness -
2. Wishes -
3. Cute Tunes -
4. I love her but I hate -
5. Rhyming Waters -
6. My Life -
7. Journey -
8. Fate -
9. Suicide -
10. Mystery -
11. Untold Story-
12. The pic became our -

Please choose any five out of these 12.

Special: Something special about my blog is the romantic poems and write-ups as my blog is a sweet romantic dedication to my dream angel.

I would say my niche is romance, and here is a line taken from a review of my blog, ‘If you are addicted to romance in reading, I’d would say his blog is a drug to you’.

Already I have two backlinks for you, and once the review is up, I will add one more in my homepage under reviews, reviews tag, FB and wherever possible. :-) Thanks in Advance...!

Someone is Special

The Fool said...

Thanks for leaving you comment, SIS. As you said, inititially I did think of doing reviews of all friends blog before moving on to others. But not sure if all friends will want reviews or not. So thought I will open for all and do reviews of friends along with everyone if requested.

But you may have to wait sometime SIS, as there are lot of other blogs waiting. Request you to be patient.

Someone is Special said...

Hmmm.. :-) Don't make me to wait for more than a month.. Please :-)

Someone is Special

The Fool said...

You are like 11th on my list, SIS and I do 1 per week and may even skip a week if too much pressure in office or get compelling ideas for my own blog post. So you can do the numbers. Might happen faster if I feel some of the other blogs are still not ready for a review or I have a free week and do 3-4 blogs continuously in a marathon.

Shashiprakash Saini said...

1. Blog Link:

2. Objective: I am writing hindi poems from my childhood when i was in 6th std. and want to share with the world.

3. Five best links:
a) मै चलने के लिए बना था मै उड़ न सका

b) एक मुट्ठी रेत की

c)अंधेरा है कितना

d)मुखौटा हटाओ

e)मंदबुद्धि इंजिनियर

4. What is special:
i wrote poem on wide range of topics

Puru@ShadowsGalore said...

Here comes my application:

1. Blog Link

2. Objective: To share travelogues and the love for photography and to create a small group of fellow travelers and photographers

3. Five Best Links

a) Refreshingly Sri Lanka: An evening in Kandy

b) Chennaiscape: Birds at Guindy Children's Park

c)Pichavaram - The Magic of the Mangrove Forests

d) Tracing the footsteps of Buddha: Bodh Gaya

e) Bicycle Diaries: 150 KM of awesomeness from Karnataka to Kerala

4. What is special?
The memories, they are special :)

Anunoy Samanta said...

Hi Fool, are you relatively free to take up a new blog in your review list? :)

The Fool said...

You can add it, Anunoy. But there are lot of people already on the list. I am going to start again only in March mid and by the time your turn comes, I might again get caught up with office work. But if you put in your name, eventually your turn will come.

DeepaK KarthiK (420*) said...

1)The link of the blog

2)The objective of the blog (Entertain, Informational, Social cause, Share feelings, Literature etc.)
To Share my feelings in the form of words and stand for Social phenomenons.

3)The links of 5 best posts according to you

3)Gangs of bloggers

4)What is special about your blog/writing?
I will write what i feel, will honestly give my view and will not bother for its outcome.

5)Does it cater to any specific niche? If so, mention.
Yes, for People who expresses their anger over some injustice and for people who uses their blog to vent out themselves and last for honest persons.

Anunoy Samanta said...

thanks Fool... okey although I'm too less endowed to impress you with my answers to your questions, coupled with my hippo-lethargy I'm somehow abiding by your mentioned format of rules...

The link of the blog:-

The objective of the blog (Entertain, Informational, Social cause, Share feelings, Literature etc.):- My writings and photographs

The links of 5 best posts according to you:-

What is special about your blog/writing?:- nothing... neither it's refined nor sensuous... still...

The Fool said...

Thanks for leaving the links, Deepak and Anunoy.Your are 12th and 13th on the list respectively on the list. So request you to be patient. I will eventually get to your reviews. I am sure you would not want me to jump queues or do a shoddy review to speed up.

Princess Poo said...

I've been blogging since a year. But by the time my turn comes it will be 13 months ;) So I'm submitting this now only :D :).

1> The link of the blog

2> The objective of the blog
=>A platform to express myself.

3> The links of 5 best posts according to you

4> What is special about your blog/writing?
=>I write from my heart. My blog is filled with my feelings which I wasn't really able to speak out loud.

5> Does it cater to any specific niche? If so, mention.
=> At first it was just a personal blog, but now its become my passion and hobby so, It doesn't have any specific niche now.

The Fool said...

Thanks for leaving your details, princess and Rahul. Shall take up your blogs based on order published at Indi.

JJ said...

Hi, found your thread at Indi some time back. Finally took the plunge tonight. Hope you'll be able to find some spare time to review mine. :)

I had a Blogspot blog before shifting to a custom domain last year. Although the site isnt that old, blog posts are certainly much older than that.
1) The link of the blog :

2) The objective of the blog (Entertain, Informational, Social cause, Share feelings, Literature etc.): Indian defence and strategy related issues, personal stuff and photography

3) The links of 5 best posts according to you:

4) What is special about your blog/writing? :-- It's more of a website with multiple sections, with content pertaining to photography, technology, fiction, humour, defence etc.

5) Does it cater to any specific niche? If so, mention.-- Quite a few things to put into in a single niche

Ashwini said...

Hi The Fool,
Thanks a ton for your superb initiative. My details are -

1. Link to the blog - Tales of a Wandering Mind

2. Objective of the blog - Inform while entertaining. Discuss social issues and share feelings.

3. Tough to choose the 5 best among my babies but still I will lay my hands on -
Asha Bhosle - 78 years of a divine voice

World of Glass

Musical Journey with Dev Anand

Shining Stars

Beauty in the Mist

4. What is special about my blog / writing?
-- My blog is a window to my mind. Here I express honestly what I see, listen and feel. I keep it as lucid and straight from the heart as possible. In all types of posts I try to shade some light on lesser known facts.

5. Does it cater to any specific niche? If so, mention
-- There is no specific niche as such. I write mostly about music and music personalities, popular as well as lesser known travel destinations and some burning social issues.

Vetrimagal said...

I wonder whether you will review my blogs?

The Fool said...

Hi Vetrimagal. I would not be able to take up your blog for review as I currently have 17 blogs pending for review which will take at least 5 months. Please do watch out this space. When I have single digit of blogs left to review, I will update here asking more people to submit requests.

indu chhibber said...

HiTF,please review my blog.
1-The link is
2-My objective is to promote mental health& help people solve their emotional& psychological problems.
3-Best 5 posts are (A)
It was very difficult to select 5 best posts but it had to be done.
4--At the risk of being termed a bragger;i will say that my posts contain practical steps to take towards better adjustment,overcoming traumas& setbacks &garnering happiness.
5--My niche is all those who want to psychological or relationship issues &work for better mental health & happiness.
I do hope i satisfy all your queries.Thanks a lot !

Someone is Special said...

TF, I'm still waiting..

Sudeshna said...

Mine is a personal blog with some book reviews. I'd love to get your views.

C. Suresh said...

Hi TF! Been looking for yr review for long but I know I hv not formally put in my request.(Informally, you know, been doing it all the time:) )

Link :

Objective is primarily to entertain. Blog is eclectic, however. Has a bit of fiction, trek and travel as well as philosophy.

Posts: You have read quite a few of them and even suggested some ideas. I shall pick some you may not have read.

I am afraid that I'll leave it to you to see if there is something special about my blog/writing.

I do not specifically intend to cater to any niche.

Hope that above serves your purpose and you can find the time to review the blog.

Thanks for the trouble

Anonymous said...

The Fool,

I would sincerely ask for your review - even though I don't tightly fit into your mentioned criterion. Even though my blog is 3 years old and has more than 21 posts, it does n't have 1 post each in past 4 months..Other details are as follows:

1) The link of the blog -

2) The objective of the blog (Entertain, Informational, Social cause, Share feelings, Literature etc.) - Life, Relationships and Corporate Life

3) The links of 5 best posts according to you - Here you go:






4) What is special about your blog/writing? - I try to be as spontaneous as possible, trying to decipher the regular things I see around me everyday.

5) Does it cater to any specific niche? If so, mention. - Not exactly, but posts are usually satirical / humorous in nature.

Thanks a lot for your time,


Please see if you might wana take a look.!

thanks in advance.!

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

i come here from time to time to explore the blogs that have been submitted, and ever since my turn has come, i've been at your blog three times a day. if it had been my blog, that would have translated to a spike in traffic.

so i guess i will be among the first to comment on your new look, it is nice. though there was something deeply haunting about your earlier header, this one gives a brighter, peppier feel.

looking forward to your feedback on the jejune diet.

The Fool said...

Thanks Subhorup. Glad you liked my new template. I think I liked the haunting look of my old template, not sure how readers liked it. Your review will be up in less than 2 weeks. Office has got a bit hectic lately.

Yatin Khurana said...

1. my blog link :

2. objective : Literature primarily and then entertain

3. the topmost post according to me :

a comic strip :

a poem :

the topmost post according to readers :

IBL introduction :

4. speciality : umm the bad thing about my writing is lack of wonderful vocabulary , seldom could weave heavy words there. but the good thing then is I have to really work on the content and simplicity seems to be appealing sometimes .

5. niche : weird

Shiromi * said...

Hello. I've actually been coming here since February and was waiting for some time when you'd be less swamped so I could request for a blog review. But I guess things never get less busy at your end so here are my details.

Link :

Objective : Share feelings, jot down thoughts, emotional outlet.

Best posts :
This is another reason I took so long to write to you because I am a terrible judge of my own writing. So I'm just randomly picking a few posts. They probably aren't my best work. But you be the judge of that.

Specialty : There's nothing out of the world about my writing per say but I feel if someone's going through a rough day, or a joyous moment, they can probably relate to what I have to say and not feel like they're all alone. I don't believe in using complicated sentences or a very flowery language. It's short, sweet and straight from the heart.

Niche : Not particularly. I write stories off and on. Poems. Otherwise it's normal personal experiences which instigate a post. Some of the posts are written as an ode to the people in my life that I adore hence making them personal. Some are from a long time ago when I was young and didn't really understand blogging. I'd appreciate it if you could leave those old childish rants out of the review.

Hope you like it.
Thanks in advance!

PS: There are many songs mentioned in my posts. In case they're in my mother tongue rather than English, I hope you'll take the time to use google translate.

Thanks again.

The Fool said...

Thanks for the review request, Shiromi. It will take a long time though. I have kept this thread hidden away to avoid new requests because I don't like to refuse.

Shiromi * said...

It's okay, I shall try my best to be patient. You'll let me know when you do get down to it though, right?
And I'm really glad I found this thread :)

Tanya Sehgal said...

Hello there Sir, I would be glad if you could review my blog. Thanks a lot if in case my blog get's selected :) Only when you get time after reviewing the pending list of great bloggers :)


Objective: To vent out all the emotions stored through my writings. I write poetry, articles, short stories. have recently started sharing non-fiction love story with my Readers :)

Best Posts: Though I like many of my posts but would just mention these 5 from the list ;)


Specialty: My writings are honest, closely related to life ups & downs. :) I try & figure out everything with a tinge of optimism & that really help. My writings reflect the way I am, a romance buff, a simple yet dynamic soul in this whole wild world :)

Niche: Random ramblings about beautiful encounters in life. I write poetry & articles with equal zeal & enthusiasm. All my posts would be bounded by an essence of love in them

Note: Thanks a lot for such a wonderful platform. Even if you don't include my blog on that sacred list, I just got the honor of featuring my not-so-special blog here(one of the most talked about blog). Take care !


Hemal Shah (Indianomics) said...

So these were the details you were looking for. :) Got them and put them down.

1) The link of the blog

2) The objective of the blog (Entertain, Informational, Social cause, Share feelings, Literature etc.)

Its got variety - Indian Business Environments, Gadgets, Poetry, Personal, F1 & Cricket, Indian Politics, and almost everything else.

3) The links of 5 best posts according to you

a) Poem: Life is Cool -
Its a simple poem but among my most loved.

b) City of Dreams, Mumbai: A Place for lovers in Mumbai
This by far, the most visited page with almost 79% of the total hits I receive for my blog and website combined.

c) Personal: Women and their addiction to men’s height! -

d) Indianomics: Air India and its never ending woes -
This one is close to my heart - it was also selected for Tangy Tuesdays at BlogAdda

e) Cars and Bikes: Tata Nano’s Copycats – Ferrari’s and Fiat’s Nano? Scoop Pictures of New FIAT 600 and Ferrari F634 -
This was huge for me personally way back in 2009 where I tweeked two nano pictures to make it appear different for April fool.

4) What is special about your blog/writing?

I am not there yet, and there are a lot of grammer mistakes I still do :) so dont see anything special - i want others to suggest me what actually is...

5) Does it cater to any specific niche? If so, mention.

I think it does cater to specific niche - conveying matter in simpler, understandable language for laymans. Specifically, about the posts I used to do for Sensex predictions and other political news.

Nishant said...


I have been a blogger for over 6 years now, writing on 2 separate blogs (one general and other dedicated to cricket). Would love to hear your views on my personal one (Nishantzworld)

The link of the blog -

The objective of the blog - Mostly as a record of my thoughts on the world as I see it. Includes personal experiences.

The links of 5 best posts according to you (A selction of posts)

What is special about your blog/writing?
I try to write about the world as I see it. It could be photologs of places I visited, my thoughts on a movie I watched, a new experience. I like to keep the writing crisp and short

Does it cater to any specific niche? If so, mention.
No specifc niche is covered. Just sharing my experiences.

Thanks in advance


Anunoy Samanta said...

Hi Fool... hope you had a cracking Diwali... good to see your new template... a bit contrasting though :-)
May I know my current PNR status? :-P

Anunoy Samanta

The Fool said...

Thanks Anunoy. It was was good. Hope yours was good too. Yours is now 4th on my list. Hopefully it will do one review by Nov end, and 2 in December. So yours should be up along with the coming of the new year unless the world comes to an end before that.

Anunoy Samanta said...

Let's hope so (??!!)

Soumabha Roy Chaudhuri said...


Ours is a co-blog with three writers (I being one of them).

The link of the blog -

The objective of the blog - A general blog with no particluar niches. We try and be humorous and satire in our posts to make people laugh while presenting a serious situation. We currently have two series going on (bimonthly posts) of comics battle Justice League vs Avengers and Online Education MOOC ( Massive Open Online Courses).

The links of 5 best posts
1. by Soumabha
2. by Soumabha
3. by Soumabha
4. by Shubham
5. by Manoj

What is special about your blog/writing?
Our writing (better read than said) inspires free thinking and gives a sarcastic and satirical take on the contemporary issues with personal experiences from our student lives.

Does it cater to any specific niche? If so, mention.
No specifc niche is covered (though with the series - Justice League vs Avengers and Online MOOC we have become fitted into the comics and Education categories )

Thanks in advance!!!


Micky Fernandez said...

Snuffles Jay said...

Hi TF,

1. Link of blog:
Meow Connect
A personal blog where in I share my views (basically), experiences and creations(poems & fiction)
3. Writing Style:
I have been credited for writing effortlessly and in a well explanatory manner. I would rather say I have my own unique way of writing wherein my articles are more like a conversation with the reader. I like to talk to the reader via my words.
4. Niche:
No specific niche as such, Just a personal Blog.
5. Link of 5 best posts:
My views on Relationships
Experience: Barefoot
Experience: Fear & Hope
Fiction: Not your juliet
Poem:Poles apart

Meow :)
-Snuffles Jay

Arun said...


1. The link of the blog:
2. The objective of the blog: Introducing Travel destinations to people
3. The links of 5 best posts according to you:
4. What is special about your blog/writing? I focus on all areas of travel - Archaelogy, Temples, Trekking, Nature, Wildlife, Photography, Biking..
5. Does it cater to any specific niche? Only Travel


The Fool said...

Thanks, Arun. You will be added to the queue.

Punit said...

Hi The Fool,

SO, Here I get my blog reviewed by You :)
Following are the details...

Link of my blog:

Objective: Share my travel experiences, especially the rides and roads. I do love to share few of my photographs, my random feelings and my Hindi scribbling.

Five best posts, a mix of my favorites as well as the most visited:

I try to bring in to my writing a humane touch, blog as I experienced it and not mechanically. I try to answer the needs of a traveller or a rider like me on same trip or on a similar trip. About my feelings, I try to write on a general note, not making it a rather personal note.

One specific niche that my blog caters is Riding in India, though it’s not limited to that. I did have a thought to have different blogs to cater different genres, but didn’t find it practical and realistic to carry on.

Hope to hear soon from you....

Pankti Mehta said...


I would like you to add my name to your long list of reviews to be done :D

Following are the details...

Link of my blog:

Objective: I don't have any specific objective but to put my thoughts down in writing. It can be just about a point I feel strongly about, fictional stories, or a poem (however, I don't write much poems...they appear on my blog once in a blue moon).

Five best posts:

Well, to be honest, I don't know what's so special about my blog except I like what I write and hope people like it too.

It doesn't cater to any blog is just a cacophony of my thoughts and imagination.

Hope you accept my application.

Arun said...

Thanks very much..

CyberKID said...

1. The link of the blog

2. The objective of the blog (Entertain, Informational, Social cause, Share feelings, Literature etc.)
A: I want to inspire people about the particular niche I've chosen (Gardening)

3. The links of 5 best posts according to you
A: Well this one is not according to me but the visitors of my blog.

4. What is special about your blog/writing?
A: I believe that is for you to decide.

5. Does it cater to any specific niche? If so, mention.
A: Gardening, especially Container gardening on rooftops in cities.

May be I won't quite make it through your list of blog review requirements, as I'm falling short of your first blog review requirement by atleast 7-8 months, but, I believe that my blog would inspire you too, atleast a bit. I respect your time and your decision regarding the requirements.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad .. :-(
My blog is just 2 months old,but it has 40 post and about 96 followers..Is there way to get my chance?...

The Fool said...

You can apply. By the time your turn comes, if you are still blogging, you will be meeting the criteria. With 25-26 people ahead of you and my rate of 2 reviews every month, it will take at least a year.

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