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'Diana Wynne Jones'. Name sounds quite a mouthful, eh? In spite of considering myself a connoisseur of science fiction and fantasy for both children and adults, I had not heard of her for quite some time. So when I picked up the book ‘Charmed Life’ from the local British Council Library, it was to be just another dose of any children’s fiction that I need from time to time to maintain my sanity in this insane adult world. I was so pleasantly surprised by the caliber of storytelling that I had to read the rest of her Chrestomanci series. Looking her up on Wiki, I came to know that this had not been my first introduction to her. One of my favorite anime movies ‘Howl’s moving Castle’ had been based on a book by her.

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Roger Owen Green said...

this is all very CHARMING.
I saw HOWL'S, the movie, MYSELF!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

ChiIL Mama said...

We adore Howl's moving castle and are big Hayao Miyazaki fans. Great to know about more well written kids' fantasy books. We love Cornelia Funke, Bruce Coville and of course JK Rowling. Thank you for this post!!

The Fool said...

Thanks, ROG.

Thanks, Chill Mama. For H, I am planning to review Harry Potter and the Ink series for I in ABC Wednesday. Have not hear of Bruce Coville before. Will check out.

Anonymous said...

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