Swami Nityananda incident : A few uncomfortable questions

The scandal involving Swami Nityananda has gripped public attention for the past 3-4 days. The TV channels are all abuzz with discussions regarding fake God men. But to me it raised a few uncomfortable questions of a different nature regarding the state of the country.

First let us see the facts of the case. What we have seen is a television footing of a so called saint in compromising positions with an actress. Let us assume for a moment that the video was not doctored. In that case what right does a public media have to air a video of private moments between two consenting adults? And then the reactions. So called members of public vandalizing the ashram property and government instituting probes to confiscate his wealth. All this happening within 2-3 days. Doesn't all this smell fishy? Consider some of the other incidents involving other individuals as a case in contrast.

We all have heard of the case of this senior police officer who molested a young girl and then continue harassing her ultimately leading to her suicide. Now 18 years after the incident, inspite of being convicted by CBI of at least the molestation, the man is roaming free. Except for a mentally deranged youth from Ahmedabad, no members of public attempted to cause him any harm nor is the government talking of confiscating his property. Then there is this case of the film star, who has reportedly raped his maid servant and medical tests have at least proven the maid servant's assertion of him having had sex with her. But no mob seems to be interested in attacking him or the government in seizing his property. Instead he is still continuing to act and I doubt if the public will boycott his films. And then we have this corporate honcho who is supposed to have embezzled millions of Rupees of shareholder money and adversely affected the life of so many of his employees. I don't see any move from the government to confiscate his wealth and give it back to the shareholders and employees. One can keep going over more and more such examples. And I have not even talked about politicians. Let us leave them aside for they are above law.

And as far as prosecuting him goes, under what law has he done something illegal? Are there Sanyasin law boards laying down what is right and what is wrong for a Sanyasi similar to Hindu and Muslim law boards. Talking of which I can't help but think about the hypocrisy of these religion specific laws. Whereas a man is allowed to marry more than one woman because his religion allows, he is not penalized for consuming alcohol which the same religion considers as one of the 70 deadliest sins. One member of the community does not receive any punishment after killing a person driving a vehicle drunk. Even if that is acceptable, what does one say about him continuing to drink even 7 years after the incident? Let him walk free and act in films and make money. But can't he at least be handed over to his religious leaders for a public flogging every time he drinks?

And then assuming the government go ahead and seize his property. What are they planning to do with it? Trace all the donors and give them back their money? After all aren't they the affected property if it is taken as a case of cheating? Or would there be well defined poverty alleviation programs for which the government would use the money? Or at least give it to the poor chief minister of a northern state who having spent all the state funds for building statues and memorials is desperately in need of funds to support stampede victims? I doubt. I am sure we will never hear what happened to all the seized wealth and no one will ask.

Thinking of all this, I begin to wonder if there is really a rule of law in this country. I don't think one needs to look far to see why Naxals and Jehadis are getting public support.As far as the case of Swami Nityananda goes, I don't know if Nityananda is genuine or a fraud and what will be the final outcome. Nor do I care. If he is a fraud, there are so many in the country and in the world. One more or one less hardly makes a difference. If he is genuine, I am sure he will happily accept his fate like the great martyrs and I am sure martyr's sacrifices ultimately do not go waste.

A reader who has read up to here may be tempted to ask "Ok. We accept all that you have said. But what is the takeaway?" Something similar to what my first manager asked me "Why do you always come to me with problems? Why not you come with solutions instead?' I have thought about a few solutions. Most of them may seem crazy and otherworldly. Maybe I will pen them down in my blog sometime. But how to make them actionable on ground, I still have not worked out. Maybe one day I will. As of now I only crib and theorize in air. If any of my regular readers feel these kind of ramblings have no value add, do post your views on the blog. Probably I will steer clear of such topics in future. After all I write to be read and only comments will let me know what will be read and what will not.


ஷண்மு/Shanmu said...

The most straight forward way to action such thoughts would be to join politics - but then joining politics might defeat the original aim of actioning novel ideas - you probably would get corrupted by the time you reach a position from which you can action such ideas.

The Fool said...

Definitely joining politics would not help. My fundamental belief is that the whole system is set up to fail and no way this system can throw up good leadership. Starting a political party could be an idea. But to capture power in this system, one has to play dirty and for all you know as you said very likely by the time power comes, one would be neck deep in dirt and not able to come out.

Aphron said...

What a great time to read your post! Just now watched a Telugu movie "Leader"-About a Idealistic guy who brings a change in society.
Joining Politics is completely out of question but if we make people realise their responsibilities towards their country i think that would suffice.The reason why so many NGO'S do such a lot of work is because Govt is not able to do it.
I believe every person should do his bit towards the country then problems would minimise. Thought provoking post.

The Fool said...

Thanks for your comments, Aditya. It is ok that government if ineffective but problem is it is becoming a hindrance

Chet Baker said...
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Chet Baker said...
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Chet Baker said...

Sire, read your post, here are my views on this topic and your views as well.


Sorry about deleting the previous two comments. I've been trying to hyperlink my blog post without any success.

The Fool said...

Thanks chet Baker. Read your post and posted comment there.

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