Magic Faraway Tree Series Review

Enid Blyton is well known for her school stories and mystery stories. But she has also made her forays into the realms of fantasy. Most of her works in this genre are short stories. However she has at least two complete series in this genre – ‘The Wishing chair’ and ‘The Magic Far Away Tree’. She has also written a nice fantasy novel adapting John Bunyan’s ‘pilgrim’s progress’ for children. The ‘The Magic Far Away Tree’ was probably my first introduction to the fantasy genre though at that time as a 12 year old, I did not know it as a genre. At that time I had been so besotted by the book “The Magic Far Away Tree’, that I borrowed it from the library and read it on four different occasions and still did not have enough of it. So I actually tried to forge the library seal on a different book and exchange the books.

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N.S.Kirti said...

ahh.... brought back the memories of the time I was a huge fan of Enid Blyton(still am i guess :P)
and yeah at the end of the day, Fanny and bessie dont stay with you. its rather Saucepan man or moon face or Connie who do.
but i love all Enid blytons all the same. there was a time when i wished i went to malory Towers or go visit the enchanted forest :P :P
nice review @TF :)

The Fool said...

I have been and always will be a fan on Blyton. Good to see someone else who shares my love for Enid Blyton books. One should have an naivete to believe in magic to truly enjoy fantasy.

arch said...

I got here jumping from the Blog-a-ton results....
And this just brought back such fond memories. I loved the whole series ... including the Wishing chair which is not a part of this series. The different lands that would come every week on the cloud atop the tree...

Congrats on your blog-a-ton win (strangers in the night) !

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