New Kid on The Block

I have completed over 5 years of blogging, posting close to 250 posts, a traffic of over 1,50,000 and 5000 comments. So I thought it would be good to reflect over what I have written over the years.

New Kid on the Block (Apr 2008 - Aug 2008)

This is when I started blogging. I had heard about blogs for quite some time and one fine day I decided to take the plunge. I had no idea what I was going to write about. I started off by choosing a fancy name for the blog and an explanation for the same. Then I replicated 2 works by famous writers in public domain that supported the concept behind the name of my blog. Then I went about blogging on a sporadic basic sharing a couple of musings and some of my pet theories, replicating one more work in public domain along the way. I also put up a poem I had written a couple of years back and a post about some of my experiences drawing from an e-mail I had written to one of my prospective brides. This was a time of scampering around aimlessly for content. There was hardly any readership except some of my old school and college friends. This is usually the toughest phase for a new blog.

Why Lucifer House Inc. ?
This is the first ever post on my blog and explain the reasons for my choice of name for my blog.

In Praise of Idleness
To get my blog started, I have replicated a famous essay from Bertrand Russell that is available in the public domain. This I posted in support of the concept behind the name of my blog.

This was one of my favorite poems extolling the importance of leisure. I replicated this poem on my blog as well in support of my blog concept.

The Best Government for our Country
Actually when I started my blog, I had an idea it might be my vehicle for expressing my offbeat views on human society and political organization. So I started off with one such post.

Philosophy Lesson during an Auto Ride
An experience during an auto ride got me thinking. I came home immediately and recorded my thoughts on my newly started blog. One of the posts that just came out quite spontaneously.

Song of the War Spirit
To keep the blog rolling, I put up a poem I had written a couple of years back. It is a free flowing poem where I tried to metaphorically present the evolution of war and the associated horrors.

This is about a concept from Science Fiction that totally captured my imagination. I finally decided to write about it, linking it to things I have read from other fields to support the feasibility of such a science.

Godse's Trial Speech
A replication of Godse's speech during his trial. I put this up on my blog as a precursor to an article I was writing about Gandhi. This is the last occasion of me putting up content that is not my own.

Revisiting the Mahatma
An article I wrote presenting my new understanding of the father of our nation after reading his book 'My Experiments with Truth'.

The Message of Christ
I was inspired on seeing the movie 'The Last Temptation of Christ'. It also reminded me of a similar inspiration a couple of years back on seeing 'The Passion of Christ'. I combined both to write a post.

From Dog Bite to Sanyas to Cigarettes
I had written a deeply soul searching e-mail when telling about myself to a prospective bride. The match did not work out. So I thought I may as well use the content to make an autobiographical post on my blog.

Bridging the Rural Urban Divide
For some reason on buying my first mobile phone, I fancied myself a photographer of realism and made a photo blog post. Even I myself could not appreciate it. But I just let the post remain for sentimental reasons.


the little princess said...

quite a ride it has been for you! im sure u look back at all this with a glint of pride in ur eyes! keep writing..keep rocking! happy blogging!!!

T F Carthick said...

Thanks a lot, little princess. I am glad this narcissist post got at least one comment.

Rachna said...

Ah I so want to come back and read all the posts. They seem quite interesting and varied. A nostalgic journey!

T F Carthick said...

Thanks, Rachna. I know it will be tough to read all at once, more so since in the coming days I will be introducing most of my 250 posts. But you can check them out one at a time whenever you have leisure.

Since my blog is not easy to categorize like travel blog or personal blog, I wanted to put some context around what I am writing and give people a flavor of what I have been writing and why I have been writing. Once I am done with these posts I will make them sticky to serve as a ready reckoner for readers looking to explore my blog.

Unknown said...

i like your writing style. Will be back to read more.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks Madhu. Hope to see you around more often.

DS said...

I have enjoyed the ride with you since the past 2 years or so. Keep blogging TF.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks DS. Good to see you here after a while.

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