A Comedy of Errors

This is the second post of my blogger reminiscences series. Still not a single comment for my first. Nevertheless I move on.

A Comedy of Errors (Aug 2008 - Oct 2008)

Sometimes you suddenly get these brainwaves out of nowhere. I got one when I happened to be reading about one Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan, a blogger turned novelist on a news website. I perused through her blog and noticed humorous posts about relationships tended to become popular. I did not have much experience in this area but the closest I could think of were my bride hunt stories that my friends loved to listen to. So I thought of penning them down. That turned out to be the turning point. for my blog. A popular site called 'Desi Pundit' showcased my post and it lead to a phenomenal inflow of traffic - nearly 1000 hits a day for a week. It set me on fire and I went on to make a complete series of my bride hunt experiences. But then the bride hunt ended and I had to look for other pastures. I tried to start a series on my brief but unsuccessful trysts with romance but they did not seem to find similar response. So I decided to leave relationships and tried to present other current and childhood experiences in a humorous light. They had reasonable success and kept me going for a while.

The Great Indian Bride Hunt
A series of 6 posts - a comical narration of my attempts to find a bride through the Indian arrange marriage system. This has been my most popular set of posts to date. It has been liked universally and have often drawn comparisons to Chetan Bhagat. Every post in this series has the link to the next one.

Software Engineer Life cycle
Buoyed by the success of the bride hunt series, I wanted to start a series on my attempts at romance on a similar tone of narrative. But after 2 posts, somehow it just did not feel the same and I abandoned it. After a couple of years, I deleted the posts since I attempted to write a fresh set of posts on the topic. But I felt some musings on software industry in those posts were interesting and reworked the post to retain just those.

Wizard's Day Out
Tried a different kind of humor - a humorous fantasy fiction. This was based on a concept I had earlier used for a humorous speech contest organized by Toastmaster's Club.

The Cursed Credit Card
An attempt to bring out humor through the trials and tribulations of modern day living. The name was based on the Lemony Snicket's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'. I wanted to build this as a series but I could not get further ideas to get this off the ground as a series. This post was well appreciated though.

The Idi Amin of Malleshwaram
An old Hindi movie about life stories of different tenants at a house triggered an idea. In my childhood, I and my parents too have stayed in many houses as tenants. So I hit upon the idea of a series of comic stories based on events during the stay in each of those different houses. This is the first one based on events when I have 7-8 years later.

The Hunchback of Ernakulam
This was the second post in what I wanted to call the 'Lands and People' series. This is a story that I have oft repeated to my friends and it has never failed to entertain them. It was also used to good effect at a Toastmaster's Club speech.


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What an amazing idea!

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Thanks Madhu.

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