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The full form of blog is web log, some kind of an online diary. I never really meant my blog to be my online diary. But I realized over time it has managed to pick up so many personal experience posts (with some creative license taken of course) that when put in chronological order almost reads like an autobiography. I present below the posts in chronological order of events. Where the post covers multiple events, I have considered the earliest event. Along with post title I have mentioned the dominant mood in the narrative.

The Idi Amin of Malleshwaram [Humorous]
Scissor Chronicles [Humorous]
My First Book [Descriptive]
The Hunchback of Ernakulam [Humorous]
Ganesha Ushers in a New Beginning [Descriptive]
Man Biter of Rajajinagar [Humorous]
From Dog Bite to Sanyas to Cigarettes [Reflective]
In Quest of a Steed [Humorous]
Museum of Memories [Sentimental]
A Birthday Celebration [Descriptive]
Faded Memories of a Diwali gone by [Sentimental]
Center Stage at Baldwins [Humorous]
Cricket and me [Descriptive]
A Game of Fools [Descriptive]
A Vintage Village Vacation  [Sentimental]
A Journey to the Land of Rice Fields [Sentimental]
Teacher's Day Special - [Sentimental]
First Plunge into Chilly Waters [Descriptive]
Wanderlust [Descriptive]
The Cursed Credit Card  [Humorous]
Buffalo on the Dutch Plain [Humorous]
The Girl on the Train [Humorous]
Escape to Victory [Descriptive]
The Last Night [Sentimental]
Great Indian Bride Hunt Series (6)  [Humorous]
A Day at the Police Station [Satirical]
A Fling with Fate [Humorous]
Blast from the Past [Sentimental]


Unknown said...

Hats off to you! You seriously have lot of patience. And this task is much appreciated by the lazy readers like me :D

T F Carthick said...

Thanks Pankti. I am happy even if 1 or 2 readers benefit from all my efforts in organizing my content.

Unknown said...

Then you should be happy because I have already taken advantage of the new structure. :D :D :D

Zephyr said...

These are among my favourite ones, TF. Great posts!

Jayashree Srivatsan said...

Boy TF, that needs a lot of patience, putting up that list! Now, can come back and read one by one!

T F Carthick said...

Thanks Zephyr, Nice to see you back here after such a long time.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks Jaish, Hope you read them. In some ways I enjoyed organizing these especially as I was able to reminisce over my life so far as I was sorting them and putting them in order starting from my kindergarten days to recent past.

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