An Elegy for a dying relationship

Some of us bloggers have got together and started a joint initiative to improve our story writing skills. The way it works is like this. Each time we have a panel of 3 judges who give the group an exercise that focuses on certain aspects of story telling. The rest of us attempt the exercise. The judges share their feedback and select the top 3 who take over as judges for the next episode.

This is the Third edition. The winners of last round - Radha Sawana, Medha Kapoor & Leo are officiating as the judges. Leo has given us a basic plot which we have to flesh out with details and narrate in our own distinct styles. This will be judged and critiqued by the three of them.

My entry for this round - An Elegy for a Dying Relationship. Do click the link to check out my entry. It is once again a theme very different from what I usually write on and quite out of my comfort zone - a story centering around a relationship.This is the link to the basic plot given by Leo.

Anyone wishing to be part of this group can request to join this facebook community. Please note your request will only be approved if you are known to any of the members or I find you genuine based on blog and FB profile.


Harikrishna said...

An excellent post like always. When I started to read, I had that little feeling that it was not your comfort zone (Since you have said) I din't expect a lot. But don't ever tell that again! You are the very same wonderful author in all the walks of writing... I simply loved it :)

T F Carthick said...

Thanks Harikrishna. Glad you liked it. I have never attempted this kind of story before. I usually like writing all crazy fantasy/science fiction kind of stuff or very philosophical/moral kind of stories.

Payojism said...

Hey, I would like to be a part of this group...My blog:

You can search my name on facebook...I am kind of one in a million :P

Shiromi * said...

I would love to be a part of this. I've sent you my request on Facebook :)

T F Carthick said...

THE FB group link is there in my post. Feel free to join.

lIl hIgH said...

Read the story you had written on indifictionworkshop. It is a nice read. Liked it. I too am planning to write a story for the outline given this time. It would be great if you could accept my request to join the Group on fb. The request from Deepak Shetty is actually mine if you have difficulty in identifying.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks. I approved your request. We are generally not admitting any completely unknown persons into the group to keep the group small and focused on quality.

debajyoti said...

i don't know why you need to work on your story writing skills. i have thoroughly enjoyed all the stories i have read on your blog so far.

this one is brilliant as usual especially the first half. but without the second half the story would have been incomplete :D.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks debajyoti. Glad that you liked my stories. I don't know if I am really that good. Hope I am.

Bikram said...

Hmmm Well all the best with the entry .. I dare not even try it , I know my skills pretty much :) he he he

But i have read a few of your articles and i find you are goood :) let me go over and read that now


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