A Game of Fools

Bernard Shaw is known for his saying “Cricket is a game played by eleven fools and watched by eleven thousand fools”. When I call myself “The Fool”, obviously I would be one of the eleven fools or eleven thousand fools. Wouldn’t I? If you were to see me hold the bat, you can be sure I wouldn’t be one of the eleven fools even in my wildest dreams. So one of the eleven thousand at least I had to be, right? I started off about where it all began right at the beginning like Oliver Twist – the cricket cards and stuff. If you are collecting cards having pictures of cricket players on the front and their statistics on the back, isn’t it conceivable that you will take interest in the actual players themselves and their statistics? That is exactly how it happened with me.

Continuing from where I left off in Cricket and Me: My Tryst with India's National Passion , I take the tale of  my romance with cricket to its logical end at the cricket blog of one of my closest friends on Blog-o-sphere DS. Check it out here


debajyoti said...

what a lovely post TF!! yes, even i collected those bubble gum cards and traded them for the rare ones, and watched that impossible 300+ run chase against Pakistan with 100 people.

again a wonderful post. i searched your blog a few times for a humor post. but this is even better, a bit of everything.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks, debajyothi. Good to see you back. You will see more of these humor-nostalgia ones in the coming days. I plan to do nothing other than my HP series and the nostalgia ones from now on. (Maybe few blog reviews now and then)

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