An Elf's Lament

The dark one is rising. We stand by and watch helplessly. We alone cannot stand against him. He is too powerful for us. We need the other races to stand with us when we make the final stand against him. Especially the dwarves! If the dwarves stand with us, we have a good chance of preventing his ascent. Together we can banish him from the earth. But the filthy dwarves just don’t understand. Why do they not see the greater cause? Why do they still continue to hold those petty grudges? We have treated them with disdain in the past and have caused lot of affront to their race. But there was no real malice on our part. It was just the natural order of things. As higher races, we have greater understanding of the world, a greater empathy towards all life. The behavior of creatures driven by their baser instincts sometimes infuriates us. In our frustration, we might have said or done things that they may have perceived as insults to them. But do these kind of minor irritants matter when we are faced with such grave danger?

Many of our elves also do not understand the need to bring around the dwarves. They still continue to rile against the dwarves and spew venom against them day in an day out. Don’t they understand we need the dwarves if we are to have a real fighting chance against the dark one? I absolutely agree with them that dwarves are a filthy, violent race with a natural disposition towards evil. But still shouldn’t we at least make an attempt to bring them over? I have tried talking to them and telling them to tone down their rhetoric. They say the dwarves just do not care about the future of the world. That they are unconcerned about what evil the dark one will wreak upon this earth. That we need to consider them as minions of the dark one and go for all-out war against them. Exterminate the vermin before they go and join their master. I fully understand their sentiments. However one must see things from the perspective of the low life as well. It is not true that the dwarves do not care about anything at all. They do care. They care about their own pitiful pelts. They care about their own pathetic clans and families, their base craft and their fragile egos. The key to winning them over is to listen to them and understand them. Even a cur desires to be understood. He doesn’t just come over and fawn at your feet on his own accord. One needs to think from his perspective, his need for food and his need for love. Once you understand and throw him some crumbs, maybe even a bone and give a few pats, he is yours.

I am doing my bit to reach out to the dwarves. I have organized banquets and sent invitations to the world below asking the dwarves to come and join us. I have made it clear to them that my door is open to even the basest and filthiest of them. Still hardly any of them ever turn up. I wonder why. Is the hatred against elves so deep rooted in them? They always say we don’t respect them. We don’t treat them as equals. But when I try to reach out to them, when I attempt to humor them, they just don’t seem to respond. I even had my last messenger explicitly tell them that I would even welcome evil servants of the dark. Still not one turned up. How much more can one do?

As the days pass by, I am losing hope. The signs are becoming more ominous. We stand alone watching helplessly as the dark one looms dangerously across the horizon. The more belligerent of our kind are growing louder by the day. And rightly so given the behavior of those vile dwarves. But I am still trying to convince them to be more reconciliatory. That we need the dwarves on our side. On my part, I continue to reach out to the dwarves and keep sending out messages, even though they seem to be falling on deaf ears. I don’t know what the fate awaits the world. But till my breath holds, I shall do my part.


umashankar said...

The allegory wears the barest of veils. I wonder why there isn't a 'Prevention of Atrocities Against Dwarves Act' in that realm? Meanwhile, in my own twisted world, it is the elves who are being marginalised to doom for the prejudiced minds of their long gone ancestors. Soon enough, we are going to be extinct. However, on a global,--or shall I say cosmic?-- perspective, there will always be dwarves of one kind or other: Africans, Jews, whatnots.

You are a master of mythological narrations. It is always a pleasure to read when you choose that instrument.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks Umashankar. I had a different kind of elitism in mind when mentioning elves. But yes - applicable to racism, caste-ism and their reverse as well. I am happy as long as my pieces apply to a broader range of situations.

Suresh Chandrasekaran said...

Once more into the fray and once more a hit

Ramesh Grandhi said...

TF, it is hard to hold the interest of readers with such huge paragraphs without a single conversation happening, but you manage to do that with aplomb. Would like to read this book, the dark one does seem terrifying--shades of LOTR. Quite the engaging read.

Percy Slacker said...

This is so good!

T F Carthick said...

Thanks Suresh.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks Ramesh. It does seem a good idea. Though the already existing number of LOTR wannabes is a bit scary. But maybe I will still give it a shot.

T F Carthick said...

Thanks Percy

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