The important presentation was due on Monday and it was far from ready. Praveen was mentally going over his presentation when his reverie was brought to a halt by a pleasant aroma wafting through the air. It was a very familiar smell that reminded him of his childhood days, those days when one was carefree with no tensions of office, bosses, presentation etc. Or at least it seemed that way. The fact that still there used to be school, teacher and exams then was besides the point. Very strange how the same event when shown by the ghost of the Christmas past looks so priceless, when shown by the ghost of the Christmas future so alluring, however when shown by ghost of the Christmas present so humdrum, routine and common place.

Philosophy aside the fact remains that the odor emerging out of the ground nut seller's frying pan took Praveen back down the memory lane to the days when his mother used to get him roasted groundnuts. He remembered the wonderful days he used to have with his mother. Those days would never come back. He lost in the pursuit of career advancement had had no time for his mother and his mother was now gone forever. He could not get his mother and the wonderful times he had with his mother back but he could at least still get roasted groundnuts.

He stepped out of the car to get some groundnuts. The sight of the large black pan filled with sand and the dull pink groundnuts getting roasted were balm for his tired eyes weary from looking at the computer screen 14 hours a day. The old ground nut seller filled the groundnuts in a nice paper cone and handed it to Praveen. And Praveen happily took the ground nuts and had a wonderful time munching them reminiscing over old times and lived happily ever after. The End, eh? Not quite. A poor excuse for a story this would be if that were the case! As they say there is many a slip between the cup and the lip and so there is. Praveen took a 500 Rs. note from his purse to pay the old groundnut seller.

"Sorry, Sir. No change."

Praveen looked into his purse. The 500 Rs. note was all there was. But he had made up his mind to have groun nuts and a small matter like lack of change would not dither him. He saw an auto parked some distance away. He went up to the auto driver.

"No, Sir. No business since morning. Where will I have change? Since this metro rail has come, you people have stopped taking autos. How will we survive at this rate?"

Praveen had heard enough. He has his head full of his own problems to listen to the auto driver's problems. What he needed was change for the groundnuts. Clearly the auto driver did not have that. He went around shop to shop, to the petrol bunk and even tried with people standing at the bus stop. But no luck! The shop keepers needed all their change for their customers. The petrol bunk was closed. The people at bus stop had been plain hostile. The old woman seemed to think he was some kind of con man and kept turning her face away from him. The young man and woman were too busy gaping into each others' eyes to bother about a man looking for change. The fat man was a garrulous fellow who seemed to want lot of change - in the government policies, the value systems of the current day youth, the character of the country's leadership and many other things. But he had no change to give. Finally Praveen found one man who was willing to part with his change. But as luck would have it, at the moment his bus arrived and he had to rush to catch his bus. So it came to pass that Praveen was left high and drive. Where was this world coming to! A man can't enjoy a handful of groundnuts! He was seeing firsthand how devastating change can be in a man's life. Or in his case the lack of it.

The sun was setting and it seemed Praveen would have to go without groundnuts that day. Any other man would have let it go and driven home and got back to work on his presentation. But then Praveen was of a different mettle. Once he had made up his mind that he wanted something, no force in the world could deny him. This never say die attitude had contributed to success in his career in sales. The old groundnut seller was wrapping up his cart and getting ready to leave. In a sudden rush of blood, Praveen handed him the 500 Rs to him and told him.

"You can keep the change. Just give me my groundnuts"

The old man looked at him strangely wondering if this fellow had turned insane. But he was not complaining. If this was what madness did to people, the world could do with many more mad people.

Praveen stood on the sidewalk relishing every little groundnut to the fullest as he had when he was a child. By the time he was done, it had turned dark. He started his car when he realized he was running low on gas. He pulled in at the next petrol bunk. But unfortunately their card swiping machine was out of order and they were accepting only cash. And Praveen had spent all his cash on groundnuts. There wasn't enough petrol to reach home. There seemed to be no ATM machine in the vicinity and it was getting too late in the night. There did not seem to be any autos plying in that area either. His ego did not permit him to call any of his friends for help. So he decided to park the car somewhere and spend the night inside the car and go looking for an ATM machine in the morning.

As night progressed, he could feel mice gnawing his tummy. He had eaten nothing since afternoon. The streets had by now become completely empty except for the odd stray dog. Soon the denizens of the night would emerge. Two old men in ragged clothes were seated comfortably on the sidewalk and chatting away to glory. They seemed completely blissful and without a care in life. The two of them probably did not have 10 Rs between them but they looked as if they owned half the world. Reflecting on how these two men could have so much happiness without money, he fell asleep.

He was woken up by the sound of loud music. A jeep was passing by playing loud jarring music. It stopped a little way ahead. There were three richly dressed young men and a scantily dressed young woman in the jeep. The men were pawing the woman in a not too modest way. They did not seem to be fully in their senses. The Woman did not seem to mind the excessive attention too much. They were probably sons of Wealthy men, returning from the local bar after enjoying Wine, picking up the third ‘W’ on the way to keep them entertained for the rest of the night. As Praveen was watching, they seemed to have developed some difference of opinion, probably over the woman. As the seconds turned to minutes, the differences seemed to aggravate and they were men no more but street dogs fighting over a bitch or worse. Praveen was sure he would have seen a death if the night police man on the beat had not intervened. Praveen once again dozed off reflecting if this is what money did to men, was money really worth pursuing.

There were no more disturbances during the rest of the night and he was woken up only by first rays of the morning sun. He decided it was safe to go and look for an ATM machine. He was feeling very hungry as he walked down the street. He put his hands into his pocket and his hand touched something metallic. He took it out and found it was a 5 Rs coin. His purse apparently had a hole and this piece of change had rolled off into his pocket. The elusive piece of change that had put him through this entire ordeal! But it could still serve him. He went to the nearby bakery and got himself a bun. He was about to devour it when his eyes fell on a young puny kid in rags eying him. He looked as if he had not eaten for weeks. The boy probably needed the bun more than him. He gave the kid the bun. The kid took the bun gratefully and cried out “Ramu, Ramu”. A small dog came running looking almost as famished as the kid. He tore the bun in half, put it into the dog’s mouth and thrust the other half into his own mouth and ran away with dog in tow. But the child’s gesture had made a profound impact on Praveen.

Soon Praveen found an ATM, got back to his car, got gas filled and was back at home. He kept his presentation aside and called up his father and spoke to him for 2 hours. Then he went over to his old school friends’ place and spent the evening there. He now felt much more relaxed than he had been in the past 10 years. He spent the night thinking about life. He came to a decision. He would take a 2 year break from work and be a part of the ‘Teach for India’ initiative. So many changes in his life! And all thanks to a piece of change! For the want of a nail, a whole kingdom was lost and for the want of a small piece of change, a whole life was transformed!

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  1. Amazing Karthick.Time for Man to look at what is living all about...the story encapsulates the meaning of life in a beautiful manner...

  2. Thanks for you comments, Bhupesh. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. Amazing Karthick.Time for Man to look at what is living all about...the story encapsulates the meaning of life in a beautiful manner...

  4. Muddassir ShahMarch 05, 2011

    Aha!! I wanted to write something titled keep the change !! Good I didnt. It couldnt have matched ur post

  5. Saket DabiMarch 06, 2011

    Perfect ending , and flow of the story kept me thinking ... and led to subtle end :) good work buddy

  6. Most of the memorable decisions in stem out of such moments of epiphany.

  7. Thats true. Thanks for reading my post and leaving your comments amropali.

  8. Thanks, Saket. If I made you think, my story has served its objective. I am glad.

  9. Thanks, Mudassir. Who knows? You might have been better.

  10. Change initiaed because of change. I liked it. The language & style is engrossing.

    I wonder hy we have to call it gas like the americans. Let's call it petrol although it does not matter for the story. :-)

    Thanks for reading my post. There was a mistake though. The copy-paste from my word document was incomplete & the last para of the story dd not get there. I have now updated it. The last para is somewhat my own experience. Please o check in again.

  11. Thanks, Vitthal. Glad you like it. Sure next time shall call it petrol uunless the protaganist is an ABCD or and American. In my first draft I had called in petrol. Then though gas sounds 'cooler'

  12. Someone is SpecialMarch 06, 2011

    I liked the flow, ending was good.. totally a good post Fool...Smiles, mine is what most people feel in their heart but no one acts to achieve it, Change

    Someone is Special

  13. Different, refreshing and engaging!

    Loved it!


  14. SrikanthkotapatiMarch 06, 2011


  15. Thanks, Schizophrenic.

  16. a well written piece of fiction, at least I hope that it fiction... and engaging.. but at times felt the narrative to be too descriptive and probably could have been trimmed a little bit... but nonetheless very good read

  17. Thanks, Ashish. It is fiction. Regarding descriptions and lenght, this is the problem while trying to write short stories on blogs. Attention span of readers is too low compared to readers of short stories.

  18. wonderful piece...Lot of changes due to change...Engrossing

  19. Liked the story.... and mastttt message :)

  20. i thot d story was fun until d social message part...wich is gud no doubt, bt i felt dat kind of killed d flow :(
    all d same, leaves one thing to ur credit...its noble n i gues dats hw u intended it! :)
    also a very effective script

  21. Very nice.
    Engrossing. Liked the social message.

  22. Very nice.
    The flow was engrossing.
    I liked the social message.

  23. Thanks Lost in thoughts.

  24. Thanks for your comments, Sadiya. Initially I intended it to be a fun story. My personal expereinces are usually fun but I get serious and philosophical when writing fiction. Here I began writing a fun piece like a personal experience but somewhere in the middle philosophy took over.

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  26. Thanks for your detailed comments, SIS.

    Thats for your comments, Surgical Tower

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